Gondola Getaways: An Affordable Romantic Diversion

Gondola Getaways: An Affordable Romantic Diversion

So you live in Los Angeles, CA? Do you work full time? Are you currently in a relationship, marriage, or simply dating? Does your wallet feel obligated to spend more than your means just to provide a nice, relaxing night out for two? Do you cringe at the end of the night thinking you should have put that money towards your bills instead of courting your sweetheart? If you’ve answered yes to all of those questions, you may be interested in knowing that you’re not alone in this dilemma. While many of us hold down careers and relationships, there is one common denominator that all of us equate with: Keeping the romance alive on a busy schedule and a tight budget.

In LA, just a dinner and a movie can simply cost you almost $100.00 for the evening. Working to pay your rent or mortgage is a must, but what about the necessity of romance? Where has the aura of romanticism gone in the greater Los Angeles area? Are you working to live, or living to work? Courting your sweetheart should not be such a burden, or such a demanding part of your budget.

“…if you want to make the night even more romantic, request Stephen as your gondolier. He’s a trained vocalist and can sing in Spanish, French and Italian!…”

In a city where energy is high and people are busy, we often lack the time to really put those needed hours in a day towards our loved ones. So where exactly then you ask, can two wander off too, to have that tried and true romantic experience on an affordable budget?

Imagine for a moment..
A sunset glide in an authentic Venetian gondola with a loved one by your side, or a potential loved one going down the canals of Venice hoping to spice things up with your sweetheart. Full moons and sunsets are sheltering you from above, giving the gondolier just the perfect mood that allows such a soothing singing voice as you float away. Ok, so it’s not the Canals of Venice in which I’m about to tell you about, but it’s the next best thing aside from such a daydream. Allow me to introduce you to Gondola Getaways!

Gondola Getaways is a romantic one-hour cruise through the canals of Naples Island in Long Beach, CA aboard an Italian-style gondola. The hour long cruise Includes a basket of bread, cheese, salami, an ice bucket with glasses, and your own, real gondolier! Bring a bottle of wine or champagne, or simply a latte or cappuccino from Starbucks if it’s a chilly night. You must provide your own beverage. If you prefer your own music, instead of the singing of your own gondolier to set the mood, a cassette player is also available on board.

For those who want a more lighthearted, not so serious romantic night, the rower can be quite a character telling jokes and hamming up the songs. You can also put in requests to the gondolier, and if they know the tune they will be happy to accommodate. However, if you want to make the night even more romantic, request Stephen as your gondolier. He’s a trained vocalist and can sing in Spanish, French and Italian! For that extra touch of romance, the gondolier will only sing underneath each bridge. Why? It is tradition to kiss underneath each bridge. There is a romantic story behind this, in which your gondolier will be happy to tell you about.

Now you’re wondering what the price for this great romantic getaway is? That’s the best part! As I promised, this special night out for two is very affordable. It is even less than $100.00! This hour long Gondola ride is only $65.00 for two people! That’s right! They also take your picture, and next to the picture is a lovely poem so you can capture your experience. In a city where traffic and smog becomes your everyday companion, floating away on the canals of Naples in Long Beach will surely provide that romantic getaway without even having to leave Los Angeles. So instead of sitting in traffic next to random cars thinking about what restaurant you haven’t taken your sweetheart to yet, you can now float away sitting next to your preferred companion under the stars, or off into the sunset if you go before moonlight. Either way, romance is waiting.

Gondola Getaways: Alamitos Bay at 5437 E. on when Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA
Information: (562) 433-9595. Call for reservations.

Many people inquire if there are any hotels on Naples Island. Though it started out as a beautiful resort, there are no hotels now. Tips are not included. Staffers recommend 15 to 25 percent. Discounts are available for weddings or other parties.

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