Should You Bring Your Laptop, Tablet PC or Smartphone on Vacation?

Should You Bring Your Laptop, Tablet PC or Smartphone on Vacation?

Over the past few years, modern technology has begun to impact more directly the average person. Creeping into everyday life, tech has made itself indispensable. Firmly apart of many daily routines, many find themselves taking their gadgetry along with them wherever they go.

Though we still habitually flock to different climates and environments to “take a break” from life, we’ve begun to more regularly include our social spheres in our vacations. What’s more, vacationers are more informed about their destinations; they rely on online map resources for navigation as well as online communities for suggestions of what to see, where to go and what to eat. People are more productive even in their leisure. Thanks to modern devices, the challenge of travel no longer lies in the how-to-do, but the what-to-do.

But what to do about the challenge of technology? With so many choices, it can be tricky figuring out what device is best suited for travel.

Choose Your Tech Wisely

Do you really need that laptop? The weight and balance of your weapon are important things to take into consideration. You may not need that bazooka. Trees can be cut with axes too.

Laptops have long been seen as the travel PC, giving birth to smaller, more portable models such as notebooks, netbooks and ultra mobile PCs (UMPC). However, dawning is the era of the Tablet. This versatile new device trims the fat off the laptop, leaving you with a lean slab of tech. Ideal for photos, videos, movies, web browsing, reading and navigation, the tablet PC will inevitably be considered the go-to gadget for travelers in the months and years to come.

Lightweight and affordably priced, you will soon no doubt be able to find a tablet to suit your computing needs. Raging from approximately 7 to 10 inches, and usually weighting ounces, the portability a device like this provides is obvious. That being said, a traditional laptop may more properly suit your needs. If you’re wanting to get some work done that requires using more than one application, or your PC tasks involve a lot of typing, a more powerful processor and a hardware keyboard might be essential for you.

On the other hand, if you’re not the type to view much multimedia, needing to simply stay connected to your social networks, a smartphone could be your best choice. Truly portable, a smartphone will allow you to navigate, stay connected, perform some light browsing, view documents and read articles. Most smartphones also bring to the table further advantages. Leave your Mp3 player, digital camera and camcorder at home. Use your phone to listen to music, take high quality pictures and record HD videos.

An investment in one of these devices is a good idea for travelers wanting a little more ease when it comes to being abroad. Though it may require a little effort, and perhaps a good amount of cash, centralizing your techno needs into a single device is a handy way of improving your travel experiences overall.

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