What Data Should You Carry When Travelling?

What Data Should You Carry When Travelling?

The past few years have gifted us with fantastic leaps in technology. Everything is getting faster and smaller and more efficient. This evolution is happening on such a scale that even tech-enthusiasts find themselves amazed at each new product release. Hard drives have been firmly in the flow of this increase. Nearly every modern device has benefited by the increase in storage capacity, microwaves included.

Do you remember how much you could fit on a floppy disk? Probably not. Many did not find that information useful. As long as they were able to carry around the information they needed – a few documents, some pictures, some midid, maybe games – there was nothing else important to know. Today, there are crowds of people travelling and interacting, with gigabytes worth of storage on their person, still referring to multimedia stored elsewhere. In this modern day, travellers could be sharing a lot more than they are. Sharing media in real life is much more satisfying than clicking a link in a status update.

But What Else Do I Need To Bring?

Everything! Download and transfer all the multimedia you can to your devices. Unexpected delays, fortuitous encounters and poor judgment can often have a traveler wishing he or she had more than they do. If you’ve ever listened to a playlist with too few songs on a long trip, finished a book faster than you thought or wanted to show something pertinent to someone you just met, you’ll understand that having it with you is better – even if you should be able to access it online.

Imagine a conversation with a new friend filled with video clips, audio snippets and pictures. Or a chance meeting with an employer in your field interested in your work. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to continue the exchange on the spot, rather than having to do it through Facebook later?

Download all your podcasts and ebooks, articles and video feeds, maps, location info, confirmation faxes and/or emails. Transfer your favorite movies and music videos along with any of your shows. If you’re working on a creative project, bring what you can. Often inspiration will strike and leave you wishing for that script or business plan or recipe. Also, there really is no reason for anyone to be bored anymore. Road trips, airport terminals, bus stops and travel interruptions are just opportunities for you to catch up on all that media you’ve missed, or to learn more about something new.

International Travel

Having data with you will also help avoid having to go online for it. Even a few minutes on your resorts slow connection may result in surprising figures. That trailer for Despicable Me may not have been worth the clams, no matter how fluffy the unicorn. It will also give you variety which is the element missing in most digital purses.

You’ll also want to make sure to bring memory. SD cards, mirco SDs and usb keys are a relatively cheap purchase and you should always have a handful on hand. Take a couple with you on vacation in case your camera or phone memory fills up. Even if you don’t go overboard with capturing the moment for prosperity, alternating memory sticks in a device will help make sure that, even if one memory unit is stolen or damaged, all evidence of your good time is not destroyed.

The world is becoming more informed and more connected. Every person is becoming a hub of information connected to even more. Don’t let online connectivity or long distance travel rob you of your data. Water, first aid kit, data. Be prepared.

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