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Male Beauty Products

Male Beauty Products

I know they say the camera never lies, but I think that’s utter crap. The camera lies, and it lies a lot. It’s widely accepted that make up is used on both men and women for television, photo shoots and advertisements, however, along with the pressure to look younger, fitter and all round better, men’s make up is becoming more mainstream. Men are wising up to the splendour that is make-up. Alas, women haven’t been spending their hard earned time and money on these goodies for no good reason.

Celebrities Getting in on the Action

It might seem like a relatively modern concept; however it was first celebs like Elvis back in the 50’s who, excuse the pun, laid the foundations of men’s make-up. Elvis wore not just foundation and concelaer but tore through the masculine boundaries by wearing blue eye shadow and mascara, even openly admitting he was sweating his make up off during his 1968 Come Back show. It’s rumored he never left the house without a bit of slap. Today, its eye liner for boys that is most sought after. Celebrities like Brandon Flowers the lead singer of The Killers, Robbie Williams, U2’s Bono and comedian Russell Brand all admit to slapping on the guy liner, and these are all macho, sexy men.

Where to Get It

Increasingly companies are cashing in on this demand. Taxi Cosmetics brought out a kohl pencil (another word for eyeliner) aptly named GuyLiner, that costs just £6.33. (Roughly $10US) British stores Superdrug have also launched two wittingly named products called Disguys and Manscara. Claire Mitchell from men’s cosmetics company Aston and Mitchell was keen to fill an up and coming gap in the market, she says that “sales are growing” every month and have “doubled since this time last year.” They sell both discreet and daring products. Claire knows from the success of her business that “guys globally are getting a taste for looking good!”

How to Work Your Guy Liner

To apply your guy liner you need a steady hand and some practice. Make sure the pencil is sharpened; pull your eyelid slightly up and to the side and make a sweeping line with the pencil. It’s unlikely you’ll get it perfect first time, even make up artist pros will have had to practise. For a grungy look smudge the eyeliner very softly with your finger.

Your Guide to Fake Baking

If make up doesn’t appeal then why not start with a bit of fake bake (tan). We Brit boys and girls sadly don’t have much sunshine to perk up our pale bods due to winters, and summers, as cold as a polar bears ball bag. So self tanning has been embraced wholeheartedly. It can be adopted much more subtly than make up by men; after all a good fake bake is meant to look like the real thing! Of course, for the most professional tan I’d recommend going to a reputable salon if it’s your first attempt. You might have to risk the embarrassment of standing in paper pants whilst being sprayed but that pales in comparison to orange hands and a streaky bum, believe me!

However, most tanning products whether they are sprays, mousses or creams now promise streak free results, and there are lots out there aimed just at men! Think Clarins self tanning gel for men. I have tried and tested the St Tropez brand, and although not aimed at men, it is fantastic. Though get to it before your girlfriend does!

Once you have purchased your beauty-in-a-bottle and tanning mitt (think baseball glove for tanning!) you need to shower and thoroughly exfoliate your whole body and face. Once really dry slap on moisturiser, paying special attention to your elbows and knees. Use the mitt to apply tanning product, put an even amount on per leg, per arm and so forth. If you have a sexily clad lady hanging around then get her to do your back.

When drying use dampened cotton buds to remove excess tan from eyebrows and between the toes and for god sake wash those hands!  Potter around pant-less for as long as possible to avoid streaks from clothing. I would recommend waiting a day to see how the tan comes out, if you’re not as brown as you desired just repeat without exfoliating! Moisturising after every shower will elongate your tan and stop you from looking flaky.

Last But Not Least

My advice to a make up or tanning virgin is to have a shop around. If you’re going to embrace the wonder that it make up is make sure you do it right! Even the British PM Gordon Brown recently made a make up mishap at a conference and spent the day with a bright orange forehead, that’s going to get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t sacrifice your skin on sun beds when you can do it safely.

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