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College Coed Brittany Weddington

College Coed Brittany Weddington

Welcome to the first Citynet Magazine monthly interview. This month, sexy Brittany Weddington, who is known as a Barbie model, talks about life as a model and more. Enjoy! *Check out her update at the bottom of the page!

Citynet Magazine: Where did you grow up?

Brittany Weddington: I am from a small town called Kermit. It is in West Virginia. I hate telling people that cause they laugh and say… haha Kermit the frog but oh well!

Aside from modeling what are you currently doing?

I attend Marshall University and I am majoring in Radiology.


How did you get into modeling?

Everyone always told me I should be a model. I was a cheerleader since I was 5 yrs olds. I was really into it so i didn’t give modeling much thought. One day I was at Daytona Beach. I was 14 yrs old and my mom and dad took me to a scout…well I made the cut…only thing was I had to move….Well a few months later I took a contract with another agency. Since then…Well here I am. I have been modeling for 5 yrs.

Any secret talents?

I also am a dance and cheer coach. I love butterflies. Anything butterfly…I have.

Thong vs. regular undies?

I am a thong person. Some days I like to be relaxed though and I will wear just panties…bikini panties though. I guess it depends on the mood I am in.

Best experience on the job?

The best experience is that I have grown up in a presentable and respectable way. Being a model takes hard work and honesty. I have been around a group of wonderful people. I have traveled so much and seen so many wonderful things. Being Barbie For Mattel is great. The children get to meet me and that means a lot to me to see children smile.

Worst experience?

Worst experience is sometimes people are not what they seem. Have you hooked up with anyone on the job? I have never hooked up on the job. Strictly professional.

Any secret pleasures?

I love food. Anything food…oh its good. But you cant tell. Thank god I’m 6 ft tall. I guess it disappears somewhere.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I want the world to know who I am. Being from a small town has disadvantages. I just want a chance to be who I really am. God gave me this gift for a reason and I attend to use it.

Favorite TV shows /movies/music?

I love scary movies and what is so funny…I’m a big chicken…I guess I love being scared. I love all the Halloween movies. Micheal Myers is so scary. I like mostly rock.

Ideal man?

Ideal man is someone who is romantic. I love to cuddle. My favorite thing is back rubs. Someone who I can talk to and relate to is also nice. I guess they need to be similar to me.

Brittany Update!

Brittany was invited to be the first Diva of the Month for Citynet Magazine. Since then, that feature has grown tremendously and we continually get new submissions. Brittany recently updated us on the attention she has received from people finding her here…

“Since being featured as the first Diva on my modeling career has broadened. Being the reigning Miss January, of course, attracted jobs I never knew existed. By presenting my many looks of being the world’s most famous doll but also a different side showed my capabilities. I think this site is tastefully done and shows real Divas being truly beautiful women. Here are some credits I have grabbed and they are still growing…

I am the first Umbrella Girl to co-host and appear on SpeedTV and I also won Miss February MaxBikini Lingerie Edition, Fox and Clear Channel Xtra Sports Girl Miss January 2004, Upcoming calendar for charity”


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