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Scream Queen Krista Grotte

Scream Queen Krista Grotte

Krista Grotte is a scream queen who probably should have been featured in October but hey, that Floridian blonde hair and wild stories were just too compelling! Krista is the babe you want to hang out with when you are out partying just for the craziness that can spontaneously happen! She gives us a nice long interview with a lot of off-beat descriptions that are a little less common than among the monthly interviews. I’m all for female diversity! Enjoy!

Citynet Magazine: Where were you raised?

Krista Grotte: I am originally from Minneapolis, MN. I moved to Brooklyn Center MN as a teenager. I came down to Florida to visit my mom during Christmas about 12 years ago. I went home, packed my things and never looked back. I currently live in St. Petersburg, FL.

How did you get into modeling?

After shooting my first film, I built my website and began obtaining networks in the industry. I eventually went to the FAME event in Miami and shot with Michael Palmer while I was there. When I got back, I received a call from the FAME agency and they sent me back to shoot for American Curves Magazine. Soon after that photoshoot, I headed to LA to shoot with Rob Sims for Fit Models International Magazine. The more work I do leads to more work I receive. I take advantage of opportunities that I am given.

What was your first big acting break?

My first big break was an audition I attended for my first short horror film “Filthy.” I was working in the psych ward on a co-ed schizophrenic unit for criminals – overnight shift by myself – boy do I got some stories there!! But I did get close to those clients!! With my life history and experiences – I am meant to be an Actress. It is my drug and my passion. The role I was auditioning for was an insane childlike girl who was a product of incest and a member of a southern transient family. I read the script and said to myself – I got this!!!! And I did!!!

Do you and adventure go hand in hand?

I love adventure! My friend Patience has some friends in the Englewood Compton area so we stayed there – we got to be O.G.’s for a few days. It was so much fun. The shoot was in the mountains of beautiful Van Nuys California. So I explored California from one spectrum to the other. I loved all the bums too. I called one over to the car because he was eating out of the garbage cans, he was on a mission too, his whole head was in there. I called him over, he approached and I said here take this money and go get something to eat – do you know – he told me No, he didn’t need it!!! I actually was a little offended! LOL Patience was like “don’t you start a fight with that man.” I only wanted to get him something to eat!

Any other wacky stories?

That reminds me of the time I was getting off an exit in Ocala, Florida. My sister was with me and there was a guy on the side with his sign will work for food. So, I got a couple bucks out and my sister says “Hey, I know him.” I thought to myself – only my family… Then the guy tried to tell me he was rich, had an inheritance coming and was going to pick up his BMW soon, he only needed money now because he left his wife and gave her everything. I was like “well give me my damn money back then.” Frickin bum – trying to hook up with me. I love helping people – but don’t lie to me. That’s a no-no. [Editor’s note: Amen! I am SO with you on that!].

What’s the deal with all of this horror stuff?

I have become known as a Scream Queen. My first film “Filthy” was a horror. I received accolades for my performance. The film traveled the festival circuit across the country. We have won 22 awards to date. From the exposure of that horror film, I began earning more roles in the horror genre. I have since filmed “The Nightmare Collection”, “The Reaper”, “Death on Demand” which is currently being distributed through Barnholtz Entertainment and is coming soon to DVD.

The filmmakers who are in New York had seen my performance in “Filthy.” They contacted me and flew me up to New York to film! It was a huge compliment to me, being that there are millions of Actors in New York city. Another film is “Real Premonition”, this is a mafia based action film. Very different because I play a Federal Agent. It is a great film and is currently awaiting distribution. We are currently in pre-production of “Real Premonition 2”. I also host Film Fests- Saints and Sinners, Horror and Hotties, Halloween Horror Picture show (annually) and Freak Show Film Fest at Screamfest.

Anything interesting happen on the TV infomercial sets? Which ones have you been in?

I have done many infomercials. Toma’s Tan, Memory Foam Pillow, K-I Pills, Mustang Mixer, Rec Warehouse. One time I was walking through Wal-Mart and I had to do a double take when I was passing the Q-Grills. It was me on the box taking a bite out of a hamburger. It was so funny. I started joking with my boyfriend and said ok, grab me a little chair and table-make an announcement on the intercom that the girl on the box of the Q-Grill is here. It wasn’t a posed photo. It was a still shot during shooting of me really eating that burger.

Any other TV gigs?

I have done interviews for shows such as NBC’s “The Spot,” “Scream at the Wall”, I hosted an episode of “Born to Ride”, interviewed with a show in NYC called New York Rocks. I have done a slate ID spot for the Horror Channel with Mama Firefly Leslie Easterbrook of my favorite film – Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects”. I have interviewed for the Sci-Fi Channel – Show in America and Magazine Spain Edition. Watch for that in January 2008. Also watch for my interview in the February Issue of GQ magazine (Spain Edition).

Give us a fun fact about you.

A fun fact about me is that I quit believing in the tooth fairy when my mom left me food stamps.

Favorite drink?

My favorite alcoholic drink is Budweiser – because I am a beer kind of girl.

Describe the most exciting date you’ve ever been on.

WOW! I don’t know! A typical date for me is Taco Bell drive thru. Then hitting a whole in the wall bar. (I’m a cheap date) After a few beers – I am always exciting! I’m happy with playing the jukebox and just hanging out.

What do you do in your downtime?

In my downtime, I love to read and write screenplays and songs. I hang with my kids and 3 badass dogs. I love Music. I can’t function without it. I work on my website(s). I am constantly online working on new prospects. I also have a great talent for drawing, I have gotten offers from people to create my storyboard for the screenplay I wrote with Bo ALARUM, I said that’s okay – I did it. All of the arts, that is my being.

How do you stay fit?

I eat clean and I lift weights. I recently just got back into training. I read a lot also. I teach myself about everything. Training books and magazines are great. I work out at least 4 days a week. Clean eating is 80% of it. No more Taco Bell drive thrus!! Watch for my interview with fitness specialist Gregg Gillies, writer of “From Fat to Fit Fast.”

What is it about bikini modeling that excites you?

It is fun because you feel beautiful. It’s fun to get made up and oiled down. I love blaring music during my photoshoots – they turn out the best that way! It’s a form of acting, a fantasy. I like that one day I can look back and show them to my kids and say – yep, that was your mama back in the day!!

The part that sucks is everyone expects me to show up at the mall looking like I’m on a photoshoot. I don’t walk around in a g-string and pasties, I dress pretty conservative. If they know me first,
then see my photos, they are like “wow, how’d you get that body.” I’m not one to really flaunt my figure unless I’m working or going out. I just don’t want any attention. Sounds conceited but true. I started having panic attacks. They are tragic, like staring death in the face. I want the attention when I’m working, ya know – not when I’m in a grocery store or with my sons. They get really offended and protective. I was that way about my mom too.

Describe your wildest experiences. Are you a big partier?

My wildest experience, I have a few of those. I don’t party, because I am focused on work. But when I did, I could drink a whole case of beer in one night. Literally. I will give you my craziest – I can’t believe I’m sharing this. I ended up in an abusive relationship, go frickin figure, ya go with what ya know I guess. After I left this punk, he ended up dating someone else. He called me to come over, I did and he made her leave. What an @$$. He fell asleep, I snuck and called her and said that
he wanted her to come back over. She said, that’s ok. I said, no he really wants you to come over, he wanted me to call you. She said ok. She came over, her and I hung out and I hooked up with her. I then left her there for him to wake up with her there instead of me. The next day I sent him a text message that said “I wanted to end me and you with a bang, so I banged your bitch!”

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

They look right into my eyes and ask if those are real….. I say yep- I don’t wear contacts! They say no way – your eyes are trippy. I hear it EVERY DAY!

What do you prefer to wear when just hanging out and watching TV?

A slingshot. Just kidding. I’m real laid back. I usually wear a white tank, a bandana on my head and some jeans. I get enough of the hair fixing and making myself up for shoots and appearances.

What do you think is your sexiest body part?

My biceps. I love it that I can pick up the weights and they build so quickly. Yep, I train and then flex in the mirror. My two sons train with me. We go hard core. Aaargh!

Give a shout out to your fans…

I wish to thank everyone who supports me and even those of you who don’t. It is because of you that I am able to do what I do. I read each and every e-mail and I am proud, so proud – whether you look up to me, look at my boobs, or love what I bring to my roles. I appreciate you and I most certainly could not do it without you. So, just know that a day for me doesn’t go by that I don’t smile in appreciation for what you- the audience has given me. That is the ability to do what I love and accept
me and appreciate me for it.

Noteable upcoming projects?

I have signed on to do “Curse of the Vampire Blondes” with the wonderful LLoyd Kaufman of Troma films. “Vampire Biker Babes” Yes, I can’t wait to ride the Fat Boy. I will be shooting a live pinup shoot with Famed pinup artist Dave Nestler at the F/X Show in Orlando- the end of January. Born to Ride Television will be filming our live shoot for Easy Rider Magazine. Be there!! We will have tons of merchandise, I will be signing autographs and have posters and photos available. It’s a great time
for networking, meeting the greatest tattoo artists, celebrity guests and movie and collectibles vendors.

A very, very special project that I’m doing, which is the ultimate dream come true for me is a film titled “ALARUM” – written by Myself (Yeah!!) and Special Editions Playboy Photographer Bo Hitchcock. I am so grateful that Bo, who had come up with the concept of the film trusted me to take it and utilize my perspective and let me dive in with my wildly insane imagination, life experience, dark humor and pain and wrap it into this intense moviewatching experience. Rick Danford of Enigma Films is currently adding his magic to the script. We have secured a wonderful crew for this film. It is my dream to do a film based upon some of what you read above-damage to
the soul from abuse.

It delivers a powerful message, yet has a great twist that I bet money on it that NO audience member will EVER guess!! The story is a psychological thriller and it has been burning my soul for years upon years to be able to place this on a screen before an audience. I haven’t written that yet- it has to be a great attention getter! I will say this though, the following quote sums it up:
Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the Blacker and Denser it is.-C.G.Jung. Filming begins January 12th.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Wow, 5 years! Who knows? I take life day by day, utilizing each one to the fullest. I truly have that childlike ability to live in the moment. I was a child using my imagination to escape the pain of my real world, and I haven’t changed a bit, now I am just truly grateful! All my life, my future didn’t look good at all. They say that one’s past road is a great prediction for their future – damn right, only my past road, although very bumpy and often under construction, has empowered me and others. I hit many roadblocks so far, dealt with shady people, jealous people and people who told me that because of where I came from, I can’t possibly get anywhere. I persevered, followed that road through dangerous neighborhoods, cold and heat, rain and shine. Although a little scraped and bruised I continued that road to the gates of success. I will be DAMNED if anyone is stopping me now. So in 5 Years, I know for a FACT that I will still be making movies and posing for magazines. I will buy my mom a house and a car. I will buy my dad the same. I will wink at him and say “would ya mind telling me what women are good for again??” I will open a girls home and shelter for troubled teens, I will have my Pit Bull rescue and I will have quite a few awards under my garter belt!! 😉

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