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N.Y. Model Monique Capelta

N.Y. Model Monique Capelta

This month, Monique Capelta gives us insight into her multi-talented world.

Citynet Magazine: Where are you from?

Monique Capelta: New York City.

What’s your greatest talent?

The arts! I can’t say I can do everything, but I can say…so far I have succeeded at everything I tried to accomplish.

What is the most risky thing you have ever done?

Probably giving up the security of holding a regular job… Going after what I want to do.

What has been the best experience in your job?

I don’t think it has happened yet.

Worst experience in your job?

Being lied to: Once I flew to New Orleans to host a hunting/fishing show… The executive producer had told me that we would be in the bayou with his film crew, etc.. and when I flew in, it was just me and him and he took me to this piece of crap trailer 7 miles out in the swamp away from civilization, there was not a bathroom, I had to pee in a bucket and take sponge baths, I got bit literally hundreds of times by mosquitoes and swelled up because of an allergic reaction. He fed me fattening food and gave me nothing but Coke to drink. On top of that he drank beer the entire time, dropped his cell phone in the swamp, and pressured me for sex endlessly. It was the most scared I have ever been. I prayed my way through that one.

Favorite sexy song?

Bed of Roses

If you could have anything you wanted in the world what would it be?

To have my own comedy sitcom… kind of like a modern I Love Lucy!

Thong vs. regular undies, and why?

Bare is better.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

Where are you from?

What are your most notable current or upcoming projects?

Just watch for me because I don’t want to jinx anything.

Pet peeves?

This nasty noise guys make when they brush their teeth (that gagging noise). Cursing for no reason. Laziness. Abuse of anything… alcohol, drugs, food… etc.

Favorite TV / movies / music?

“Friends”, Coyote Ugly, Great Expectations, Rock & Techno.

What turns you on in a guy?

Sense of humor, artsy style, ambition

You are being photographed. You are interacting sexually with more than one person at the same time. You’re sky-diving. Choose one. Why?

I want to sky dive! I never have yet.. I am Aquarius, sex isn’t that important to me.. you have to turn me on with your mind or your outgoing spirit!

Would you describe yourself more as a dominant or a submissive in bed?

Huh? I am an actress, I play whatever role I am in the mood for..

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?

In front of my computer…redesigning my site of marketing myself!

Favorite animal?

MONKEY- they are curious, smart, funny, and unpredictable (like me).

Have you ever thought about being a motivational speaker, based on your past experiences?

Sometimes I feel I already am. I love helping people discover their deepest desires and giving them the motivation to focus on what will make them truly happy.

How did you meet your last boyfriend?

We met online.

Any secret pleasures?

(1) Ice Cream. (2) Peanut Butter on a Banana (but I can never eat them together now. (Fat+Carbs are a BIG no-no!).

Ever make out with a girl?

Never wanted to.

Who is “the one that got away?”

I guess no one because I lost my best friend for a few years, but he found me a few months ago and we are close again, but miles apart.

Describe the feeling you get when you’re in front of the camera.

It really depends who I am working with, what I am modeling, how I feel that day. Most of the time I try to model using storylines… creating emotion by creating a scenario in my head.

If you could only offer one piece of advice to a child, what would it be?

You can do anything you put your mind to… believe in yourself. Sometimes the BIG people don’t know everything.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

I will be an established actress still working, and hopefully be married with 2 kids… I want the best of both worlds.

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