DJ Diamond

DJ Diamond

The March 2008 spotlight is on DJ Diamond. She’s played all over the world and is one of the hottest female DJs on the planet! Find out about how she got started, her Playboy experiences, and more! proudly presents DJ Diamond.djdiamond-1

Citynet Magazine: Where were you raised?

DJ Diamond: I was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. I lived there for the first 20 years of my life then moved to San Diego to finish college. I’ve lived in San Diego, California since.

What kind of childhood did you have?

I had a wonderful childhood! Both of my parents were surfers so I grew up on the beach
pretty much. My backyard was a lush Hawaiian forest and the Pacific Ocean was in front. Mother Nature was a big part of my life. I was active in water sports: competitive swimming, diving and water polo for most all my years in Hawaii.

How did guys treat you in high school?

There were a few that tormented me, once I put them in their place they would leave me alone. My father was a martial artist and taught me Aikido moves that would allow me to defend myself against bullies.

How did you get into DJing?

I grew up on stage in theater and performing with my father who was a magician as well, so I loved
performing already. I had studied Sports Medicine in college and for a month I lived in Manchester, England for work in that field. At that time I was introduced to House Music at the famed “Hacienda.” I fell in love with it! When I came back to America I got involved in the Rave scene and continued to follow the music. When I graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine and started working in the field I found myself bored and lost. I took a look at me life and decided to follow my passions of music and performance, I bought turntables and taught myself to play and made the career change. Best thing I ever did! I love it!!

What was your first big break?

I feel every performance is a big break! It’s all great opportunities to me. My
first gig was at Nocturnal Wonderland back in 2001. It was exillerating and terrifying at the same time.

Out of all the international performances you’ve had, which is your favorite place to DJ?

I couldn’t choose just one, there are so many wonderful places Ive played in this world. Playing to 15,000 in South Africa was unbelievable, as well as playing in a huge glass pyramid that is the Ministry of Sound in India. Europe is wonderful too, on the beaches of Crete, Greece to the beautiful mountains in Switzerland. I love it everywhere!

Favorite type of music to DJ?

My original passions were in Trance, I will always enjoy playing that style. I play more Electro House now, I really enjoy that too, I use a lot of vocals and very upbeat tracks.

Describe your Playboy magazine experiences.

Since I was young I wanted to pose for Playboy. When I heard they were doing an issue on female DJ’s in America I gave it a try and they accepted me. From there I got to pose for Mexico Playboy as well as FHM, Maxim, Esquire and many other magazines. All have been great experiences, I feel lucky to have done them.

How has being so sexy affected your work?

At first I don’t think people take me seriously. I don’t think of myself as a sexy person. In fact I can be very goofy, but when I get the makeup on and the sexy clothes on to perform there is this
image that people see that they usually think doesn’t come with a brain or skills. I find I have to get on the tables and prove that I’m very capable. I just work that much harder, I think most woman in
this line of work have to do the same. I’m fine with proving myself.

What has been the best experience?

Again, couldn’t choose just one, there are so many. Just being behind the tables, pumping out music that effects people in a positive way, helping getting the party going is a rush.

Worst experience?

When I’ve had to deal with nasty, mean people. It’s rare but they are there and I like
to avoid them.

Has anyone ever run up to you in the street and brought you flowers?

No, no flowers on the street. At events I’ve gotten my share of flowers. That’s always a nice

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

“You do what for a living?” People are always shocked that a woman can be making a living by traveling the world playing other peoples music in night clubs, my dad is still surprised by it.

Describe your wildest experiences. Are you a big partier?

I don’t party so hard any more. It’s harder for your body to bounce back and stay healthy as you age. Sleep is very important to me, 9 to 10 hours a night when not traveling so when I am on the road I’m very good about not pushing myself too hard. I will definitely hang out
after events and do my share of drinking but I don’t party like I use to, unless I’m in Ibiza or Miami WMC. Gotta cut loose a little now and then.

Name anyone who you would love to meet and hang out with.

I would love to hang out with Paul Van Dyk on a real level. I find him to be a musical god and Im so impressed with what he has done in our industry.

What do you want the world to know about you?

Most important is that I’m kind, honest, patient and very loyal.

Give a shout out to your fans…

Thank you for all your support, with you I would have nobody to entertain and do what I love.

What are you latest releases?

I put out two tracks with my little sister Maxe Starr on vocals: “God is a DJ” and “Just a Girl” I’m
working on a new one currently.

Favorite upcoming projects?

Traveling the world playing my tunes. I will be releasing a
new CD in the next month when I get some time to sit down and mix
one up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I can still be doing what I’m doing now I will feel so lucky. I hope to have put out a
track that will be enjoyed by people all over the world.

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