DJ Lynda Phoenix

DJ Lynda Phoenix

Lynda Phoenix is one of England’s most popular female DJs. This phoenix is a hot talent and rising high! Aside from her obvious beat queen status, she hosts weekly house music radio shows, teaches DJ skills, and organized an impressive charity event in support of last December’s tsunami victims. She has played in clubs and events around the world and has a lot of interesting things to say! proudly presents Lynda Phoenix.

Citynet Magazine: Tell us about your youth.

Lynda Phoenix: I was a bit of a tomboy and grew up in the London suburbs. I had a happy childhood growing up with my parents, older sister, younger brother and a cat called Cheeky!

Did you get along with boys back then?

I went to an all girls’ convent school, so no boys allowed!! But outsideFemale DJ Lynda Phoenix school the boys thought I was quite funny as I look girly but I’im a real tomboy who loves stuff like technical gadgets and cars.

How did you get into DJing?

I used to sneak off to clubs when I was 16 and was mesmerized by the mixing. I started collecting vinyl and made up mix tapes using one turntable. I used to play the track, pause it on the tape recorder and then play the next vinyl. My mix tapes were quite sadly called “Pause button pressure” (oooohh the shame) but they were very popular amongst my friends. I then brought some cheap decks and taught myself how to mix.

How did you get your own radio shows? What do you do for Ministry of Sound Radio?

I got into radio by helping out on a underground radio station when I was 18 which lead to my own show. I now do a regular show on Internet radio station House FM which you can log on to every Sunday from 12-2. I do monthly guest slots on Ministry Radio which I love doing!

You’ve played in clubs and bars in the UK, Ibiza, Australia and more. What would you say is your favourite place to DJ?
My favourite place to DJ probably is for ‘Housology’ where I am resident. I have got a nice following who come and see me play down there and it always is a good party.

What clear differences do you see when you work in various locations?

The differences you get playing in different countries is that you have to “tap” into their vibe. For example when I was playing Dubai I mixed in Arabic percussion into house beats and the crowd went crazy. When I play in Ibiza there is always the “Ibiza” classic anthems that you can slip in. It’s all about understanding what makes people tick.

Best experience?

Interviewing Louie Vega from Masters at Work on House FM.

Worst experience?

In general my continuous bad experiences are dodgy promoters and lots of people talking out of their ar*e. [Editor’s note: I am SO with you on that. It’s unreal how people are obsessed with their own selfish agenda, But I digress…]

Oh, and when people balance drinks dangerously near decks, which always results in a nasty accident when you are playing.

Favourite music to DJ?

Soulful and funky house.

Have people recognized you on the street based on your ‘celebrity status’? What changes in your life would you say are due to your ‘fame’?

People used to recognize me on the streets when I appeared in an 8 week TV docu-soap about clubbing in Cyprus. More than not you get people in the house scene recognizing you, as we are all part of the same “house community.” The main changes in one’s life is that you have to be a bit more responsible when you party, no promoter wants to book a mashed up DJ!

Pet Peeves?

Girls who are bitchy towards girl DJs… that’s so wrong!

Has anyone ever run up to you in the street and brought you flowers?

A House FM admirer brought me flowers on my birthday. I had a big birthday party and the flowers turned up the day before at my office at the download site. I also have a stalker who has turned up to nearly every gig I have played in 7 years! Loyal or what!?

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

How does it feel to DJ in a male dominated industry, which thankfully you didn’t ask. Well done!

Wildest experiences?

I love to party and I guess my messiest experiences have always been in Ibiza! This year I managed to miss my flight home!!

Name anyone, alive or dead, who you would love to meet/hang out with/get to know.
Larry Levan [Editor’s note: He’s was a DJ]

What do you want the world to know about you?

I may appear tough on the outside because of the profession I do, but I have a heart of gold and would help anyone who needed me.

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

Pulling out of buying a house at the last minute and using the deposit money to travel around Australia. The house then proceeded to go up by 50 percent profit (damn)! But hey! I have fantastic memories playing out on Sydney harbour bridge New Year’s Eve with all the fireworks going off.

It’s 12:01 am. What are you doing?

At the weekend I would be getting ready to play out, midweek I would be writing album reviews.

Any secret pleasures?

Going for drives in the country in my convertible.

Upcoming projects?

I have lots of gigs in Russia, China and Poland coming up. I’m in talks at the moment regarding touring with a big funky house label/brand. I am currently managing UK download site that is growing everyday.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Retiring and chilling in one of many houses around the world.

Where are you from/live now?

My origins are half Mauritian (exotic island in the Indian Ocean) and half English but born in this county. I currently live in South London.

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