Montreal Burger Week is Back!

Montreal Burger Week is Back!

Fans of Citynet Magazine’s Instagram account as well as those who know me are pretty clear on one thing: I love burgers! My personal favourite is Mister Steer Restaurant in downtown Montreal which I consider the one to beat. But that’s just my preference. In any case, there has been significant growth in the city’s burger market over the last few years.

Enter: Le Burger Week. After the popularity of the event since its inception back in 2012, the festival returns to Montreal from September 1st to 7th.

45 Burger Joints

With more than 45 restaurants participating in the event, it’s one of the largest burger festivals of its kind in the world. Think about that… 45! That’s a lot of meat and the restaurants are stocking up, ready for the self-styled carnivore masses who will devour dozens of different kinds of burgers.

Once participants have eaten a burger, they are encouraged to vote on it. The restaurant with the most votes wins.

Eat, Get Points, Win!

Le Burger Week is a competition. Participants gain points by eating lots of burgers and the people with the most points will win prizes.

Take Selfies and Win!

In a modern twist, the organizers have found a way to add to the fun while helping to promote the event. Burger munchers are asked to take selfies, post them to social media using the hashtag #LeBurgerSelfie. The winner of the selfie will be awarded a fitbit which kind of makes sense given that once you’ve eaten so many burgers, you’ll need to use a one to help you lose weight!

Burger Week: The App

Navigating through so many choices won’t be easy. To simplify your life, there’s now an app for both iPhones and Android devices.

For more information, visit the burger week site.

See you there!


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