Motivational Speaker Peter Hartman

Motivational Speaker Peter Hartman

In the spotlight this month is motivational speaker Peter Hartman. Whether you want to learn and grow as far as jobs, dating, money, or just living your life in happiness, Peter is someone you want to talk to.

Why do you care to be a motivational speaker?

I’d like to see the world improved, and sharing that desire with others comes naturally to me. The world is the way it is because we’re lacking in our collective eagerness, willingness and intent. As a motivational speaker, I can directly influence people’s hearts and minds, encouraging them to affect personal and world change.

What are the main messages you want to get across to your audience?

That everyone’s attention is valuable and powerful. It can literally shape the world. I want people to realize that what we give our attention to becomes a bigger part of our experience. So, why not give our attention to great ideas?

In our increasingly connected world, our ability to affect change has become exponentially greater. The same attention that creates a viral video can launch a rocket into space, topple regimes, create an electric car, or make a delicious veggie burger that takes like meat. With intent, all things really are possible.

Who is the ideal audience?

Broadly speaking, my message is for anyone interested in improving themselves, and by extension, the world around them. More specifically, my message is directed toward the self-help community, activists, students and entrepreneurs. If you care about how you feel, the state of the planet and its inhabitants, becoming engaged or solving problems for financial gain, the Happy For A Change perspective is for you.

Describe your current plans.

Anyone interested in a purposeful life is welcome to attend a Happy For A Change Meetup. We regularly have community discussions, special activities and formal events. Also, interact with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Our website also has great ideas that will inspire you, educate you and provide excellent fodder for party conversation. Visit to check it out.

What are your hopes for the future?

I see a future where people have become aware of their own ability to affect world change. I dream of a world where people find their joy by amplifying great ideas. I believe the day is fast approaching where every action is recognized as significant, where the same principle that creates viral videos is applied to every facet of our lives. My hope is that humankind embarks on a mission to improve the world, a global undertaking not motivated by fear or hate, but inspired by a spirit of eagerness, a willingness to become engaged, and the activation of intent.

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