Pink Floyd: The Wall Theatre Experience Returns to Montreal

Pink Floyd: The Wall Theatre Experience Returns to Montreal

I grew up listening to Pink Floyd. This group of musicians are among the most original talents of the past fifty years. They consistently produced records that were out-of-the-box yet so good to listen to over and over.

The most popular musicians behind Pink Floyd were Rogers Waters and David Gilmour who had many falling outs but managed to get their musical genius on when it was time to produce gold. And they did it repeatedly.

Pink Floyd: The Wall was a fascinating concept album and movie. It was a rock opera like none had seen before. In fact, the music and theatrics have such strong staying power, it continues to be recreated in different formats and by various artists around the world.

What to Expect

This time around, the masterpiece comes to Montreal in the form of Pink Floyd: The Wall Theatre Experience.  It is a brilliant combination of music, theatre, and scenery, outfits, and excitement. It is not to be missed!

This version of the show brings a Quebec flavour as it is produced by a local multi-disciplinary team known as the Vikings.

When & Where?

The show takes place February 3, 4, and 5, 2016 at Club Soda.

Get your tickets before they sell out!


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