Music Producer and Sound Engineer Ovela

Music Producer and Sound Engineer Ovela

This month’s Spotlight Interview is on Montreal-based music producer and sound engineer Abderrahmane Tebbal, better known as Ovela. He’s one of the talents behind the group Dark Light (of which I’m a big fan, fyi!). Citynet Magazine is proud to feature Ovela in the spotlight.

Why did you choose the name Ovela?

I chose Ovela as an artist and brand name back in high school. It meant a lot to me because it was given to me by a dear cousin as an affectionate nickname.

How did you get started?

In 2006, when I started studying at University of Montreal, I had no idea what my life passion was. That is, until I came across beat production software. From that moment, everything made sense. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. That was it! I was meant to create and share my unique vision of music with the world as Ovela.

What’s so unique about your vision of music?

I say unique because I make it my mission to unify all music genres and erase the boundaries put in place by closed-minded
money-hungry business people. I wake up every morning and spend countless hours in the studio to produce the perfect sound. Of course, I produce music primarily for me to enjoy. If you happen to like it too, I consider it a bonus!

Tell us about your music career.

With respect to Dark Light, we started off as Freedom Of Speech in 2008 and then changed the name to Dark Light a year later. We are a musical collective based in Montreal Quebec, consisting of myself and M-Angel. We draw from our cultural diversity to produce
music that blends together a variety of genres.

What do you call your particular blend of music?

We call it Nouvo Sound. Every song is a full collaboration between M-Angel and I. We both have a hand in all aspects of the production process and branding. There are a few areas in which we do not generally collaborate: M-Angel is the lyricist and singer while I take care of the beat production.

How do you fit into the current music industry?

We are part of the new generation of musicians who handle most things independently, from music and video production to web design and Marketing. We also represent today’s digital artists who produce all their tracks on electronic software and use social media networks to regularly communicate and share with their fan base.

How often do you record?

Since 2008, we’ve consistently been producing music. We created an EP called “Reve,”’ mixtapes and covers.

What’s the inspiration behind your upcoming album?

At one point, I had to return to Algeria and my long distance relationship with M-Angel wasn’t easy. When I came back, we drew
inspiration and concepts from the tribulations that we went through to create the upcoming official “Loi de toi” album.

What was the best part of producing the new album?

There is a rush when inspiration hits. It’s like finding ammunition in a Call Of Duty game. I get the tools to create my next hit. I really enjoy the creative process. What I love more is projecting myself in the future and anticipating people’s reaction to my art. It’s usually challenging for two artists to see eye to eye or have the same vision for a track. So, the best part hands down was when M-Angel would understand the original vision that I had for my instrumental and would sing according to it. It’s basically when every aspect of the production goes according to plan. I should also mention that Dark Light creates the beat first and then finds vocal melodies to complement it.

Are there any flaws with that process?

Naturally, it can be difficult when M-Angel and I can’t agree on the beat to choose or vision for the song/album. Money, time and energy are also an issue. Let’s just say that it isn’t always easy to come home from a regular full time job and having to spend the little energy and time you have left on producing a 15 track album.

Where can we get samples of your music?

You can find all of our work on our website It was designed by M-Angel herself!

You can easily have access to our Facebook Fan page, Soundcloud profile, Twitter, Youtube channel and Instagram through the same website.

What three words best describe you?

Tidy, visionary, and resolute.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see Dark Light being more than just a collective. I see it becoming a household brand in Montreal’s music industry. It could expand to clothing and technology while keeping it’s creative vision intact.

Any words of inspiration for other creatives?

Believe and invest in yourself and never stop creating!

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