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Watch Morning Gloryville’s Big Return to Montreal

Watch Morning Gloryville’s Big Return to Montreal

While most Montrealers were busy stressing out on their way to work this morning, I headed over to dance and mingle at Montreal’s fifth Morning Gloryville. You should never live to work and this event is further proof that you need to live a little, even on a weekday morning.

The event, organized by Justin Smith (also check out the Justin Smith raver-in-chief video), was held at Place Émilie-Gamelin (the park above Berri-UQAM Metro). It was the first time the rave was held outside.

The event is a great way to get some refreshing exercise first thing in the morning and smart alternative to the gym. With DJs playing tunes, the crowds danced and did yoga.

I also got a complimentary massage, courtesy of Studio Orchidee. They sent their massage therapists to help people loosen up. If you need a massage, consider going to their location at 2050 Saint Denis street.

The event was organized without the assistance of former co-organizer Stephanie Audet, as Justin has decided to go it alone. Also, check out this video of the mega rave dance and circus party that was the first Morning Gloryville in Montreal.

After a summer break, the party couldn’t have taken place on a better morning. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and everyone was there to have a great time (from 6:30am-10:30am).

The next Morning Gloryville Montreal will likely take place at the end of October. Watch for it!

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