Stand-up Comedy at Montreal Comiccon

Stand-up Comedy at Montreal Comiccon

This year’s Montreal Comiccon was marked by its first geeks-only stand-up comedy event, The Nerdy Show. Over 150 people attended, some in full cosplay, packing the room to the brim with folks eager to see what a stand-up comedy show focusing solely on nerdy topics (from comic books to video games) could be.

This special edition of The Nerdy Show was a joint venture between twin comedians Tom Hartman and Peter Hartman from And The Rest Of Us, and regular co-hosts of The Nerdy Show, Troy Stark and Melina Trimarchi.

Make Montreal Comedy Great Again

And The Rest Of Us’s mandate is to help nurture the comedy scene in Montreal so that more people become aware of the shows available every single day for those interested in stand-up, improv and sketch comedy.

In line with that vision, the Hartman twins have been working behind the scenes with entrepreneurial comedians. They provide support with the aim of making everyday stand-up in Montreal more attractive to those looking for interesting and interactive activities.

“There are so many comedy shows happening in Montreal that people don’t know about”

“There are so many comedy shows happening in Montreal that people don’t know about,” says co-producer Tom Hartman. “Literally every day of the week you can go see amazingly talented stand-ups telling original jokes.

Even better, these jokes are raw and authentic the likes of which you aren’t necessarily going to see on a polished Netflix special. For $10 you can end up seeing comedians like Amanda McQueen or Emily Bilton who can split your sides open with just a few words.”

More Comedy at Montreal Comiccon

Montreal Comiccon has been no stranger to comedy. BattleCOM, the “part stand-up, part improv, part game show and part theatre” event produced by comedian Paul Ash, has been a Comiccon staple for years turning out hundreds of people to this unique performance steeped in geek culture. However, Tom and Peter Hartman’s motto is that there’s always room for more comedy.

“I performed at Troy Stark’s Star Wars comedy show, May The 4th Be With You, and saw how much of a dyed-in-the-wool nerd he is,” Tom adds. “When I found out he had started a geek culture stand-up show, I knew we had to get it on stage at Comiccon.”

Unbelievable Turnout

The turnout for this special Comiccon edition of The Nerdy Show was beyond expectations. The room was filled and the audience was alive with the passion and fervour only true geeks can exude. The lineup consisted of Troy Stark, Melina Trimarchi, Lawrence Corber (Young Guns of Comedy), and Wassim El-Mounzer (Sketchfest). Each one delivered a performance that exemplified just how entertaining stand-up comedy is when seen live instead of quietly on an iPad or TV screen.

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