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The Official Real Ultimate Power Parody Directory

The Official Real Ultimate Power Parody Directory

Hi, this site is all about parodies of a ninja website, REAL PARODIES.  This site is awesome.  My name is Brian and I can’t stop thinking about parodies.  These parodies are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.


1.    Parodies are not mammals.

2.    Parodies are funny ALL the time.

3.    The purpose of the parody is to be funny and make people die laughing.


Real Ultimate Power? “What the hell is that?!” you ask! It started back in 2001 when Robert Hamburger made a website about Ninjas which was so funny that it has been parodied all over the net. In the early days, he was sued by someone’s mom over the website’s content but the case was thrown out of court and he was allowed to keep the site up.

The website was originally entitled “The Official Ninja Webpage”. In fact, it had little to do with real ninjas but it was so funny that people couldn’t resist taking a stab (ha ha!) at making a parody.

This page is the single most extensive directory of these pages anywhere.

Note that some (all!?) may be seen as being offensive. Just read it, laugh, and let it go!

How to Get In!

Create your own paraody and make sure you link back to CitynetMagazine.com and/or this parody page. The better the link and site, the higher your site will be ranked!

Real Ultimate Power Webpages

Ninja (The original)The Parodies
Star Trek – Borg
Real AMV Power
Lesbian (partial minor nudity)
Girlfriends (CitynetMagazine says “Hilarious!”)
Hobbits (Lord of the Rings)

Rya Hayabusa
Perl Hackers
Whistle Tip
Mr. T
katamari (Full site)
Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)
Georges Pernoud
Lantern Jaw
Frequent Fliers
Buffer Overflows
Dust Bunnies
Cobra (GI Joe Parody)
Black Cock (Not what you think!)
Gary Ezzo
Free Geek
Dream Theater
Sneaky Bastids
Jason Robert Bell
Ash Williams
David Icke
Robber Baron
Six Sigma Black Belt
Caveman Robot

RUP: The Book!

Get your copy of Real Ultimate Power: The BOOK!  Amazon.com will handle the transaction. At least click it to see what it’s about!! In 2004, the Associated Press reported that the Official Real Ultimate Power book was banned in Odessa, Nebraska! Some stupid mother had her town ban the book when her 13 and 15 year old kids got hyper after buying the book. Better parenting might have prevented this – don’t blame a few minutes with a single book! Anyways, it’s a full book and it’s hilarious!


Real Ultimate Powers That Have Come and Gone

Thank you to people who have reported dead links. It’s amazing how many people have created parodies of real ultimate power. For real! LOL!

There have been tons of that were once listed here but have slowly passed on. Some of these, but certainly not all, are listed here: Sorority Girls (It was hilarious but now it’s gone! Doh!!), Physicists, Sloths, Accountants, Short Asian Girl, Speaker Hos, Conan O’Brien, Bush (2 of them!), Democratic Candidate, Lumberjacks, Hippies, Tigers, Skeedzor, Raptors, Terrorists, Senators, Wizard, Alan, Mike Solberg, Kylie Minogue, Make your own RUP, Real Ultimate Power Cornell Students, Baldwin Brothers, Vaginas, Brian Brohm, George W. Bush, Used Condoms (gross!), Linus Torvalds, Aircraft Carrier, USA, Khym Forum Poster, Bare Axx, James Madison, Koko, Foos, Jenny, Southern Girl, Taco, Americans, Time Cube, Box of Wine, Dragon, Texas A&M Aggies, Tom chin, Techno, Mahler, Opera the Browser, College Students, Ninja Meatwad Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Kevin Federline (Mr. Britney Spears), Elton John, Dead Philosophers, Squids, Yoopers, Jansson, Sam, Vanilla, Abe, Sean, Dragoon, Hackers, Jackalope, vegetarians, Vintage Motorcycle, Pilgrims, Gay Guy, Real Ultimate Power Computer Science Guy, Ben, Curling, Michael Jackson, Lawyers, Commando (Ah-nold!), Mrs. Uboh, Real Ultimate Power Bums, SARS, Space Robots, Photographers, Hobos, Shaman, Ricer, Mechanics, Square RPGs,Samurai, Blue Party, Yi, Fidel Castro, Gypsy, Geek, Fan Film, Director, Deceiving Demons, Scott Saval, Charver, Newgrounds Spam, Martin Luther, Ravers, Tool, Rednecks, DJ Thief, Kate, Stefanie, Michael Jackson, Furby, Minpin, Lawn Wranglers, Suit, Liberals, Liquor Store Clerk, Real Ultimate Power Huey Lewis, Electrical Engineer, Engineer, Paintballers, Physicists, Librarians, Econ Major, Boa, Zombies, Butchers, Hoes, Kory Smith, Shirts with Balls, Space Elevators, Bobby Sixkiller, Fat Girls, Goth / Emo, Wombat, Saxon, Captain Marvel, Mullet Man, Internet, Black Momma, Zeppelin, Commie, Programmers, Korean Guy, Science Guy, Mathematicians, Shotty, Big Tymers, Kool-Aid Man, Hello Kitty, WoCN, Mecha-Streisand (South Park).

In late 2009, gazillionaire company Yahoo blew it again and decided to close its free website section “Geocities” and so many parodies are now gone. Here are some of the casualties of this loss… Cats (from All Your Base), Latin Dance Instructor, Catgirl, Gangsta, Stoners, Monkeys, Pirates, Beatles Cover Band, Mafia, Sport Tourer, William Shatner, Swim Odin, Persian, Trogdor, otaku, Blink 182, Michael Jordan, Vlad the Impaler, Link, Rabbis, Wigga, Bacon, mIRC Robot, Enchanters, Passion of the Christ , and Trailer Park Barbie.

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  1. vynsane

    December 21, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    the real ultimate power sloth page is alive and well at http://www.vynsane.com/rup.php

  2. Sara

    March 28, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    There had been one about Presbyterians, as well. It was hilarious.



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