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Ultimate Vacation Party Islands

Ultimate Vacation Party Islands
Rick Adams

If constant partying is your idea of a fun vacation, then it’s time to head to the islands. There are many islands in the world that are known for an around-the-clock party atmosphere. In order to avoid going to an island that isn’t known for great parties, you’ll want to do some research in advance. Take a look at this top list of party islands before you book your tickets!

Mykonos, Greece

Long touted for a party atmosphere, Mykonos has a lot to offer travelers. Nightlife includes lots of bars, clubs, and great restaurants. During the daytime, visitors will enjoy serene beaches, a relaxed attitude and plenty of outdoor activities. Of course, the cuisine in Greece is also heavenly. The fantastic Greek salads and feta cheese almost makes it worthwhile on its own! Take a walk through the narrow streets and wind your way into the local shops and restaurants. Much of the island has a carefree spirit and that relaxed atmosphere becomes a party several nights per week. Since there are so many Greek islands, you can check into Mykonos for a longer stay but hop on a ferry to party at another nearby island and the come back the next day.

Ibiza, Spain

Spanish nights are full of great food, lots of music, and plenty of friends. If you want to visit an island that’s far off the beaten path, visit Ibiza. Zillions of party people frequent this island for its party atmosphere and fantastic array of beaches. There are some interesting shops to visit and a bit of heritage areas which remain small and quaint. Keep in mind though, that the biggest draw to the island is to have hot nights out in Ibiza which consist of foam parties, lots of great music, and some fantastic memories. It is strongly recommended that you check this out if you need more info on traveling to Ibiza.


Depending on what part of Jamaica you head to, you will find lots of island fun. Ocho Rios boasts a younger party crowd, while Negril tends to attract a tamer crowd. Either way, Jamaica’s laid back attitude is infectious, and all types of travelers will enjoy what Jamaica has to offer. If beaches and beach parties are what you’re after, Jamaica is the place for you. One great aspect of Jamaica for Americans and Canadians is that it’s much closer to home. You don’t have to get expensive overseas plane tickets which can take a chunk out of your budget.

Hvar, Croatia

You might not think of Croatia when you think of an island nation, but Hvar is one of the most happening places on the planet. An abundance of clubs, bars, and lavish hotels dot Hvar, and party animals will find plenty to do all night long. The island has long been one of historical importance for cultural reasons and you can visit many monuments attesting to that fact. Enjoy the wine, tan on the beaches, and take in the nightlife during your unique vacation experience.

Beachcomber Island, Fiji

This island is known to the locals as the “party island.” Lots of great DJs frequent this part of Fiji, and the island itself is filled with plenty of party vibes. If you’ve never been to Fiji, make Beachcomber island your first Fiji experience.

When booking your island vacation, choose one of the spots listed above. Or, tell your travel agent that you want to find a party island. A seasoned agent will send you straight to one of the top party islands, so you won’t have to deal with family resorts or quiet sleepy towns. The islands were made for partying, so book your tickets and start enjoying those island breezes!

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