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Zombie Apocalypse Comes to Montreal in New Comic Book Z’isle

Zombie Apocalypse Comes to Montreal in New Comic Book Z’isle

Z’isle is a comic book with a Montreal setting. Seven years after a zombie apocalypse hits, people are still trying to survive. The city runs out of guns and bullets so people convert all kinds of items into weapons, with particular angle: they all contain bike parts. They call it cycle punk (a play on steam punk).

The story is written by co-creators Lateef Martin and Isabelle Duguay. The comic book series, published by Miscellaneum Studios, is three issues deep at this point.

From Crowdfunding to Characters

Z’isle is a comic book startup that used crowdfunding to get it going. To reward those who donated early on, Martin and Duguay decided to create some of their characters based on their benefactors. As if a comic book being set in Montreal wasn’t enough, that’s pretty cool!


One thing you’ll notice is the branding. There’s a lot of creative branding for Z’isle. For example, at Montreal Comiccon 2015, there was a wall with notices for friends and family who were lost and trying to reconnect. The brown paper bags that you get your comic book in didn’t just have the Z’isle logo on it but made it look like a dangerous item was inside the bag.

Z’isle the Video Game

Martin says that every project his studio produces is transmedia. As such, in addition to the physical comic book, there’s an early prototype of a video game that was available for testing at Comiccon. It still has a ways to go but the idea is there.

More Transmedia Products

The company plans to put out a soundtrack featuring Montreal music artist. They are also creating short films such as the one they used for their crowdfunding and one for the Montreal Zombie Walk last year.

What are you waiting for? Get yours in comic book shops around the city today!


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