The 5 Best Beaches in Turkey

The 5 Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey has phenomenal beaches. Tourists come from all over the world each year to discover the beaches and other attractions that the country has to offer. If you decide to take a holiday to Turkey, then you will not want to miss out on visiting the Turquoise Coast Beaches. They are magnificent to look at, and they are considered to be some of the best beaches in the world. The following are the best beaches in Turkey that you will not want to miss.

Patara Beach

Patara beach is notably famous because it is one of the best and longest beaches in Turkey. It has crystal white sand and clear blue seas to make it one of the most picturesque beaches in Turkey. As the tide retreats, you can often find trails of shells and driftwood on the beach. This beach is perfect for beachcombers that like to find unique shells and other items that have washed ashore. The water is relatively shallow, so it is great for kids as long as you don’t go during the windy season. The best time to visit would be in July or August, as the sands are at their hottest and the water is just the right temperature for swimming or other water sport activities.

Kabak Beach

Kabak beach is the perfect place to go if you want to have fun in the sun without the overcrowding that is often seen at most beaches in the area. It is a hidden gem that is not heavily populated with tourists. Unlike most other beaches nearby, Kabak beach has a dense wooded area that stretches in front of it, to make it seem off the beaten path.  It offers a serene experience that you won’t get at other local beaches.

Phaselis Beach

This beach can be accessed by driving for an hour from south west Antalya. This deters many tourists, but the trip is well worth it when you see the amazing backdrop that this beach offers. The beach is actually a former harbour, and you can wade through the wooded areas before relaxing on the beach for a day of fun in the sun.

Iztuzu Beach and Cirali Beach

This beach is very famous with tourists. It is home to endangered loggerhead turtles, and it is a nationally protected area for the turtles to breed.  It is said that this is one of Turkey’s finest beaches. Boats are often seen running through the area to take passengers through the dense reeds, so there is plenty to experience when you visit. The waters are shallow, and the sands are smooth and hot to give that true tropical feel.  Cirali Beach is one of the best beaches in Turkey if you want a completely relaxed beach experience to soak up the sun.

Pines and spurs often fall into the waters from the mountains above, and a collection of orchids can be seen on the cliffs in the distance.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach tends to get busy from July to August, so it is a good idea to go after or before these months if you want to avoid the tourist crowds. There are beach boys and girls on hand that will bring you ice cold drinks and snacks from the nearby bar. If you want a beach holiday in style, then Mermerli Beach is the place to be.