7 Exotic & Romantic Vacation Destinations for Couples

7 Exotic & Romantic Vacation Destinations for Couples
Rick Adams

The world is full of exotic and romantic locations. From sandy beaches to lodges set amidst a winter wonderland, couples can find romance throughout the globe. Whether you have an unlimited budget or a small budget, you will find plenty of things to do anywhere you and your loved one venture. If you’re searching for a romantic vacation destination, take a close look at some of the hot spots listed below.

Kassiopi, Greece

Greece is a romantic country. Bursting with blue waters, plenty of beaches, and lots of warm sunshine, Kassiopi is an excellent place to fall in love all over again. Walk though ancient towns, marvel at the sea, and share a plate of great Greek food while gazing into each other’s eyes. Greece is especially notable because there are so many islands here that are very romantic. Taking in the sunset on Santorini can also be an incredibly romantic opportunity, for instance.

Tuscany, Italy

The sleepy farm towns that line Tuscany are what dreams are made of. Lush hillsides, plenty of great food, and small inns made for lovers can be found in Tuscany. Book a room at an agritourismo in order to experience true Tuscan life.

Rome, Italy

There’s something about Rome that’s just magical. Visit ancient Roman ruins, delight in Roman baths, and indulge in gelato for two. Rome is at the top of the romance list for its bright lights, warm atmosphere, and Italian charm.

Alexandria, Egypt

If you have the time, Egypt has the romance. Whether you stroll through the Coptic Monasteries together or visit the bustling city of Cairo, this part of the world is bound to make you fall in love all over again.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most reknown cities in the world for romance. It could be the French language alone that makes it appear so exotic. You can take a trip up to the top of the Eiffel Tower or take a riverboat cruise down the River Seine. French cuisine, pastries, and wine are also bound to incite romance.

Montreal, Quebec

Sometimes called “little France,” Montreal has all the charm of Europe without the high price tag. Romantic dinners at fine French restaurants, a walk through Mount Royal Park, and plenty of great lounges and dance clubs make this bustling metropolis a lover’s dream. If you’re into clubbing and want to add that as part of your romantic mix, there are a lot of amazing after hours nightclubs in Montreal.


Pick any spot in Jamaica, and you’ll find romance. The waters that surround Jamaica are filled with plenty of colorful sea life, while the island itself evokes both beauty and wonder. Spend your days frolicking in the sand of feasting on island treasures with your loved one in Jamaica.

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