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An Honest Harry Potter Movie Review

An Honest Harry Potter Movie Review


Well. The last Harry Potter came and went. I’ve heard many laud it as a resounding success, the final installment of a series that matured from infancy to adulthood with grace, glamour and style.

It would be hard to argue otherwise, wouldn’t it? There was a lot of magic used and by now it felt almost natural, as if we’d lived in this fantasy world all our entire lives. The battle scenes where epic to be sure, if only centered on Hogwarts, and was filled with an appropriate amount of carnage and the deaths of minor and major characters alike packing emotional moments with that much more omph.


harry-potter-deathly-hallows-movie-reviewAll the required flashbacks and flashforwards were there to add perspective to the endeavor, laying bare the long game that the production studio played with our minds and hearts. The movie tied-up loose ends and hinted at new beginnings. From the first moment to the last the sentimental journey was considered and mapped out for the purpose of generating a satisfying sense of… uh, satisfaction.

Why then did I find it lacking? I’ll tell you why: I was expecting much more. This wasn’t just your average cookie cutter trilogy. This was a ten year journey from Milan to Minsk. This was the triumphant conclusion, the final chapter split over an entire year even. For this type of emotional (and financial) investment I was hoping for something beyond great. I wanted spectacular awesomeness in the truest sense of the word. I wanted to leave the movie theater with mouth agape or tears restrained hoping beyond hope that some thoughtful producer or enthusiastic director would take it upon themselves to create Harry Potter and the Unfinished Tales.

I’m not the only one to think so. Not a few would have wanted a more substantial ending. One that involved the actual death of Harry Potter. One where Draco actually was useful in the end and redeemed his short lifetime of envy and vindictiveness with a moment of quintessential altruism. One where the finish wasn’t so crisp and clean… and anticipated. Where were the other schools in this battle for the fate of the world? Where were the dragons and drakes? The mudbloods and muggles? The magical devices we’ve seen in all past episodes?

Fine, the movies were based on a children’s series and it might be unfair to expect gruesomeness to be incorporated more than it was. And truly I don’t think there could have been enough wizard battles, spell-casting or CGI to quench my magiclust (admitting my addiction is the first step). Moreover I didn’t read the books which I’m sure are packed tight with all the magiks I could ever – reasonably – want, so I’ll give those a shot. Still I reserve the right to complain and to whine here as I did give the movie a 9 on IMDB. Though, it looks like I’ll have to peruse the Harry Potter fan-fiction for my next fix.

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