6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

In some ways, choosing what type of wedding you want has become almost as difficult as finding and choosing your partner!  A wedding is no longer just a reception with great food followed by a party with dancing, drinks, and music. The wedding idea has transformed from a formal ritual with a celebration into an event that can last for days and should have all the perfect characteristics of an experience no one will ever forget. A wedding is not just the biggest day in the life of the happy couple getting married, but also in the lives of the attending guests.

The hot trend in the wedding world is the concept of destination weddings. These have become increasingly popular, with affordable packages, exotic locations, and even opportunities for weddings aboard cruises ships. But, when do you know if a destination wedding is ideal for you?

The Best Destination Weddings

The best destination weddings are those where the bride and groom can comfortably say that the reasons listed below suit them. So, as you read, consider if these apply to you. If they do, maybe you should consider this type of wedding.

(1) You Like to Travel

If you love travelling and visiting other countries, exploring their culture in food, music, and similar activities, destination weddings provide an opportunity to do so built right in! A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to combine your big day with travelling and exotic culture. If you’re interested in a particular country, island, state, and have always wanted your friends and family to experience it with you, it’s a great idea to take them there for your wedding.

(2) You Want to Relax

The time before a wedding, the wedding itself, and even the days after a wedding can be very exhausting, because of all the stress and anxiety that can build up when planning such an important event. If you want to escape all this wedding planning stress, a destination wedding may be the way to go. When planning the destination wedding, you can choose to plan it yourself, or get help from several companies over the Internet.

The most important decisions you have to make is what destination you want, and then the rest can be worked out for you. If you wish to participate a little bit more in the planning process, you can plan it yourself, and still be relived when the big day finally comes, because of its’ vacation-like atmosphere.  It’s a little bit more difficult to stress out about the lack of salmon in your canapé when you’re sipping pinã coladas with your feet in the hot Hawaiian sand, looking at the beach.

(3) Your Guests Already have to Travel Far

If you’re thinking about having your wedding somewhere in your own town or city, and you realize that your guests already then have to travel from far away states or even other countries, a destination wedding may be a very good idea. Since many of your guests already have to get on either a very long train ride or an airplane, it seems as a good idea to take them somewhere more exotic, more exciting. You can assume that travelling a little further may not be a problem for your guests then, especially not if they’re taken to an exotic location. If your guests all live in your neighborhood you have a brilliant opportunity to travel all together, which can make the travel to the destination itself much more fun, and part of the experience.

(4) You Can Afford It!

The entire concept of destination weddings can seem rather expensive. But having a typical wedding is not exactly cheap either. If you’re interested in having a destination wedding, but your finances for the event are limited, there are ways to make it work. It’s actually all about priorities. Maybe you choose a destination where the food is much cheaper, or you may choose to have the ceremony on the beach, which saves you the expenses from otherwise renting a large hotel ballroom plus suites, staff, and so on. There are many ways to make it work, even though a destination wedding may seem more expensive, it may not be, depending on your choices for food, drink, location, and of course, the “extras” such as having a photographer, videographer, spa services, exotic luxury treatments, and so on. As with any wedding, these add-ons can increase the price but overall, it’s still cheaper to have a smaller destination wedding than it is to have a larger party back home.

(5) You want an Extraordinary Wedding

Of course you do, who doesn’t? A wedding is always special for the bride and groom, but if you want to make it very special for your guests as well a destination wedding is a great idea. It’s like taking all of your guests on a lovely vacation, even if it’s just for a long weekend, it’s still a fantastic gesture that will no doubt be appreciated. Even though destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, a destination wedding can be very much customized for you and your guests, so that it becomes your very own, personal, and original destination wedding.

(6) The Options

There are many more options than ever before. You can have a cruise destination wedding, an affordable destination wedding on a tropical island, and other exotic locations. Cheap destination weddings are a possiblity in places far and wide such as Mexico, the Bahamas, the Carribean, Jamaica, Play Del Carmen, the Florida Keys, Fiji, Belize, Ireland, Aruba, Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, luxury resorts, and smaller locations are the world.

In the end, the decision is yours and it’s certainly a big one but having a romantic experience far from home can be life changing!

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