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Destroy your Desktop! Free Game Download!

Destroy your Desktop! Free Game Download!

Desktop Destroyer, also known as the Desktop Destruction Game is a free game download. Yes, a free game download! So you can download it and play! Destroying your desktop can be fun and good for getting out your frustrations and anger management! How creative are you at destroying your desktop?? Use a chain-saw, machine gun, flame thrower, and other tools of virtual destruction! Reduce your stress with this freeware game! You’ll probably feel better once you’ve destroyed your desktop!

To download the game, click the link below (or right click and choose “save as”):

Download Here:
Desktop Destruction Game

It will take a couple of minutes to download (it’s about 1.22mb, if that means anything to you). Enjoy!

Download Desktop Destroyer! Free!

Use these tools to destroy your desktop!

Note: By downloading this game, you agree to the following:

  • As per the Terms & Conditions of this website, CitynetMagazine.com cannot be held  responsible for anything that happens to you or your computer with respect to the game. This website is probably the most famous place on the Internet to download the Desktop Destroyer game so it should be fun to play!
  • Some of you may have anti-virus software that thinks it’s a virus (typically because it’s an .exe file). You don’t have to worry as this file is not harmful in a malware kind of way. Some people say that their Mcafee Anti-virus software says it contains a virus but it doesn’t. The file is from the 1990s and could hardly do any damage to a modern computer even if it were harmful.
  • We also have other free game downloads.
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