Meet The Influential Voice of Mario at Montreal Comiccon

Meet The Influential Voice of Mario at Montreal Comiccon

As the voice of Mario, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario, and others in the distinguished series of Mario video games, Charles Martinet unexpectedly positively influenced generations of children. He’s a genuine, animated, compassionate. individual who encourages people to enjoy what they’re doing, not take life too seriously, and love one another.

By asking the video game creators to adjust the words that Mario and other characters say, he has encouraged generations of positive development. For example, he requested changes such as replacing “You’re wrong,” “You failed,” and “You’re bad” which were in the original scripts, with “You were great. Let’s do it again!” and “Let’s do even better!”

Find out more in this tremendous interview at Montreal Comiccon 2022.

Meet Charles and many others at Montreal Comiccon!

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