Liza Treyger Might Just Out-nasty Everyone at the JFL The Nasty Show

Liza Treyger Might Just Out-nasty Everyone at the JFL The Nasty Show

You’ve seen Liza Treyger on her Netflix episode of The Degenerates, now you can experience her presence with all the filthy jokes you crave at the Just For Laughs comedy festival! She’ll be performing as part of The Nasty Show lineup. I had a chance to discuss her comedy in a phone interview.

BR: Is this your first time in Montreal?

Liza Treyger: It’s actually my sixth time. The first was in 2014. Every time I’ve come to Montreal, it was a different experience. Earlier in my career I’d go as part of the new faces of comedy and look up to everyone.

BR: Is there anything special about performing this year?

LT: The Nasty Show is an honour. I love the late night outings with everyone, like going to McDonald’s or Tim Hortons. But I’m also excited to be part of the first Just For Laughs festival post lockdown.

BR: Do your parents attend your shows?

LT: No. My parents have actually only seen me twice. When they come out, it changes the vibe for me in a way that I don’t appreciate. I mean, if I played in a Chicago theatre, I’d want them to come. They don’t speak English very well but have questioned some of my jokes.

BR: Is it more difficult doing your type of comedy these days, with everyone being so sensitive?

LT: I don’t find it harder to do my kind of comedy. The people that cry about audiences being sensitive are not sincere. You can say anything you want as long as it’s funny. If the audience doesn’t laugh, it’s ok. They are allowed to have their own opinions. It’s not taking your right away to say it. Some comedians will purposely do things to piss people off and then try to be a victim. There was this one comedian who spoke out against the Indian government and she got in a lot of trouble. We don’t have the level of true censorship that they have in some countries so you can be edgy.

BR: Speaking of being edgy, are you going to out-nasty the other talent at The Nasty Show?

LT: Maybe, but there’s hard competition. We’re all a bunch of freaks. I love that I’ll be in the show with Big Jay (Oakerson), Bobby (Robert Kelly), and the others. We are all trying to be gross. I don’t see it as a competition. If I did the grossest, filthiest show, I wouldn’t be mad.

BR: What can we expect at your JFL appearance?

LT: A good time! You’ll see the humour I bring to shows in New York and Los Angeles. Just fun jokes. I’m pumped that people are going to come out. And I’ll be wearing dresses!

Should you go to The Nasty Show?

Yes! If you’re into crude comedy, with raunchy x-rated material, this is the show for you!

The entire Just For Laughs festival runs from July 13-31, 2022. The Nasty Show takes place July 20-28 at MTELUS (the venue formerly known as Metropolis).

The talent:

  • Big Jay Oakerson (Host)
  • Liza Treyger (Obvi!)
  • Josh Adam Meyers
  • Robert Kelly
  • Sophie Buddle
  • Yamaneika 


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