College Party Theme Ideas

College Party Theme Ideas

Can’t decide what to do this weekend? Sick of do-nothing parties with a weak turnout? Giving your party a theme can lend it a certain once-in-a-lifetime significance, and lets you steer the mood where you want it to go.


Fill your place with balloons. If you like cruel fun, fill a few of them with harmless, silly substances: shaving cream, water, booze.

Period Bash

’80s and ’90s parties have been pretty popular with recent generations, along with ’60s or ’70s parties. The 2000s seem pretty grim party fare from here, but there are plenty of other eras to experiment with – the Fin de siécles, the Middle Ages, or the future (think robots, aliens, funny underwear, and cardboard jet packs)!


Underwear parties have been pretty popular in the last few years. The appeal is obvious. But then it still gives you plenty of room to be creative – everybody’s got a weird piece of underwear that’s too uncomfortable to put on for a regular day. Just make sure you keep the place cool and the sweat-factor low. To spice things up, depending on your friends and expected crowd, make it a lingerie and underwear party!

Red Carpet Romp

Everyone dresses up as a celebrity, or someone everyone knows…or someone they know. Keep an open mind: you can go as Susan Sarandon, or as your best friend, or as that craggy old professor everyone respects a bit too much.


Classic: get a white piece of cloth, wrap it around your shoulder and pin it to something other than your skin.

Sci-fi/fantasy party

Choose your favorite fantasy novel, sci-fi flick, or comic and dress up as one of the characters – nothing beats Worf and Cat Woman going at it.


Ok, so it seems 2012 has gone off without a hitch…sort of. The end’s not here yet, but there’s always an end-of-the-world prediction just around the corner. Plus, pretending we’re all about blink out of existence together is a lot of fun – and very romantic.

Ugly Sweaters

This has become a popular post-Christmas party tradition in some cities, but you can throw an ugly sweater party of your own anytime. Ugly sweaters are good for a laugh, and give you a chance to make good use of that horrible garment your grandmother gave you last year.


There’s no better way to confront death than to get drunk and laugh at it. Dress for a funeral (or as a dead person/zombie) and throw a bunch of booze in something that looks like a coffin/cooler. You can also add skeletons, Day of the Dead decorations, cobwebs and/or crypt decor if you like. If you want to lighten things up a bit, just emphasize the Irish wake angle.

Remember not to take any of it too seriously – no one likes to party with a stickler for the rules! Maximize the silliness (and/or sexiness), and create something memorable for everyone.

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