Top Spring Break Party Destinations In Europe

Top Spring Break Party Destinations In Europe

Spring break trips to Europe are becoming more and more common – Canada’s exchange rate with Europe is sweet right now and the old world has never seemed more accessible. Plus, Europe tourism is likely to be at an off season when your spring break rolls around, so take advantage of low prices!

1. Greece

Of all Europe’s legendary party spots, Greece is the no-brainer for spring break. Whether you’re in Athens, Ios, or Kinetta, you’re still going to get great sun, beautiful beaches, and a classy old-world feel. Check out islands like Crete and Santorini for something extra-special.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Always a great party destination, Barcelona is excellent for spring break too. With beaches, perfect weather, a permanently late schedule, all-night clubbing, and love in the air, you can’t really go wrong with Barcelona.

3. Dublin, Ireland

Though you’re not likely to catch much sun if you head to Ireland, it remains a great party destination. Plus, if your spring break coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, then you’re in luck – imagine the biggest party/drinking day of the year falling during the biggest party week of the year in a place where drunken partying is a point of cultural pride!

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Again, not your typical spot for bikini babes and catching rays. Still, Amsterdam’s permissive spirit makes it a great spring break alternative. If you’re looking for a wild time that is less beach-bumming, rum-chugging, and celebrity-hugging, and more in the spirit of Bob Marley and free love, come to Amsterdam for spring break.

5. Croatia

If you know where to go, Croatia is a great party destination. Islands such as Pag have a party infrastructure waiting for you, with eastern Mediterranean beauty that can’t be matched. Not to mention that heading to Croatia will provide you with a unique party experience, outside of North American and even Western European norms. You’ll still find bars, clubs, and music, of course, but you can also expect tourists from Eastern Europe to make a significant showing.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

An outlier on the spring break party circuit, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You’ll have time to soak up plenty of culture if you want to, but then Prague is also a great party spot year-round. Your dollars will go a long way, there are tons of bars and several good clubs, and very hospitable hosts.

7. Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the best partying spots in Italy, with a young crowd that is always ready to get down at the city’s many clubs. Florence may be the least party-hardy city on the list, but it’ll pack more than enough punch for a decent price compared to many options in North America.

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