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This Couple is Hosting a Star Wars Themed Wedding at Montreal Comiccon

This Couple is Hosting a Star Wars Themed Wedding at Montreal Comiccon

In a first for Montreal Comiccon, Verdun residents Christina Varzaru (23 years old) and Marc Dupuis (age 29) will be tying the knot at the event. Here’s what you need to know about their wedding and how you can get involved.

True Star Wars Fanatics

The couple is a pair of sci-fi fans and Star Wars geeks. They’re such big fans of the Star Wars universe that they chose it as a theme for their wedding. But a Star Wars theme wasn’t enough for them! They choose to be surrounded by other Star Wars fanatics by getting married at Montreal Comiccon, a haven for Star Wars geeks.

Varzaru loves Star Wars so much that she has tattoos of Yoda, the Millennium Falcon, AT-ATs, Tie Fighters,  and Darth Vader on her left arm. They are actually great quality tattoos which you can see in the photo.


This makes us wonder why she’s wearing a Star Trek Starfleet Academy shirt in this photo op! Ha ha! :o)

How to Attend the Wedding

The wedding will be held on July 4, 2015. It will include friends and family but you’re also invited. Guests (that means you!) just have to attend Montreal Comiccon which takes place at the Palais des congrès (Place-d’Armes metro station). You’re encouraged to dress up your their favourite Star Wars costume. Cosplayers are more than welcome.


We can’t wait to see these guys at the wedding!

See you there!

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