The Intersection of Street Wear and Gaming at the VOYPA KMS Fashion Launch Party

The Intersection of Street Wear and Gaming at the VOYPA KMS Fashion Launch Party

I recently attended the launch of a new line of clothes from a fashion brand known as VOYPA. The designs being launched were part of the KMS collection. That’s not KMS the brand of hair products but rather, the Killing Me Softly collection. While there is no longer a Montreal Fashion Week, a bunch of events popped up and this was one of the cool ones that I attended. I spoke with lead designer Daniel Sande who said that the VOYPA brand is proud to make a point that their fashion line is completely designed and fabricated in Montreal.

High-end Street Style

The company’s idea was to mix street style with casual wear by bringing it up a notch in quality and design. According to Sande, VOYPA believes that there’s a need to introduce more high-end urban styles into the daily lives of people who typically look for casual wear.

The Intersection of Fashion and Gaming

More relevant to my story, is the way the clothes were displayed in the launch party. Instead of having a runway where potential buyers and media could see the clothing for a few seconds as models raced by, Voypa chose an interesting game to show off their new line.

An Interactive Fashion Show

They held an event at Arithmetic, a retail clothing store in Les Cours Mont-Royal. Models were dressed in the KMS clothes and were allowed to move around the store while music played. As soon as the music stopped, the models had to freeze for a couple of minutes until the music started playing again. If they moved, they were eliminated from the game. This continued until there were just two models left (one male, one female).

A Tactile Dimension

Aside from the gamification of the fashion launch party, it added a new dimension to fashion shows. When the models were frozen, guests were allowed to touch the clothes. The addition of a tactile dimension to the event brought it to a new level, above the simplicity of just watching models walk by.

Fashion & Fun

The event was a success. Those who were present had a fun time and I got good vibes from people as they discussed the clothing line. I think that VOYPA’s KMS line will be successful as long as it reaches its intended audience.


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