The Dirty Secret that Dating Websites Don’t Want You To Know

The Dirty Secret that Dating Websites Don’t Want You To Know
Rick Adams

The dating industry is massive and backed by enormous amounts of cash. If you consider how many people are now online and looking for dates, to cheat, or for more “adult” oriented action, it’s no wonder that dating websites are so popular.

From an industry perspective, “all” they do is provide software and a database to connect people and there you have it, a dating site. Okay, so there is a lot more to it like marketing, and so on but once you get going, dating sites become cash cows. Make no mistake, dating websites are money machines. Once they get you in, you’re going to stay for a while. It is much easier to keep you there than the effort it took to get you to join in the first place.

The Dating Website Dark Side

Getting people to keep paying for dating sites is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with free websites like Craigslist that easily compete. So, for at least the last few years, many websites have been doing something that is disgusting. It’s one thing to prey on people’s hopes and insecurities. It’s another to do what they are doing. That is, many, if not most, dating sites take photos of models and then post their photos as though they were legitimate women looking for a date.

Even worse, they tend to have generic, highly “appealing” profiles that are meant to attract a lot of guys. When you write to them, you often get a response from someone working out of their home in India or Africa. The back and forth is frequently just some cut and pasted non-sense meant to keep you interested but when you try to meet them, they brush you off. Duh! They aren’t real to begin with.

Yes, dating companies will stoop to that type of low to get unsuspecting people to keep their memberships going in order to make more money. They don’t care about you or your miserably single life. They just want your money.

In other cases, the woman’s photo is real but after chatting with you for a while, they direct you to a website where you can pay to view adult content. The assumption is that if you were willing and interested (and who wouldn’t be if the woman is hot?), then you’d pay to see more of them. The person doing the work on the other end might not even be the woman but rather an affiliate marketer who makes money when you click his link and join the site.

A related scenario is when the woman is real but she’s actually an escort.

Watch Out

As with everything else in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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