How to Free Your Mind from Negative Thoughts

How to Free Your Mind from Negative Thoughts

Maybe you’re like so many people. When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you enjoy a brief moment of peace. Seconds later, thoughts begin to flood into your mind. You’re reminded of the challenges you faced the day before. You’re reminded of the challenges awaiting you today.

What is it about our existence that leads us into these negative thought spirals? Why does it seem so much easier to be bummed rather than cheery? Where do your negative thoughts come from?

Who you are today is the result of the patterns of behaviors you’ve picked up over the course of your life. We tend to repeat today what we did yesterday, and yesterday is often a repetition of the day before. And so, your thoughts follow along just as readily.

How can you change your negative thoughts? What can you do to free up your mind for more positive thoughts? Is there a road to happiness from the pit your in? Is there a way to think differently?

Over the ages, meditation has been and continues to be the most common method of calming your mind. It is the practice of clearing your thoughts in an attempt to foster a temporary inner peace. However, if you’re finding it difficult to get on the meditation bandwagon, here are some suggestions that may help you clear your mind and give you some respite from your dark broodings.

The Soundtrack Of Your Mind

One of the easiest ways to deal with negative thoughts is to leave little room for them. Negative thoughts can only bring you down if you pay attention to them. A simple way to do this is to keep a tune going in your mind.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Well, you can’t hum that tune and hold a negative thought at the same time. Your thoughts are subject to airtime. If you give more airtime to something else, say a song or a tune, you occupy your mind.

What if you did that on purpose? If you would listen to a catchy song, or an album from your favorite artist, you could train your mind to bring songs to mind when you’re unfocused.

What The Eyes See And The Ears Hear

So, your thoughts are subject to airtime. The amount of attention or airtime a thought gets determines how active it is. Though there are many who direct their thoughts with purpose, the vast majority of us tend to be heavily influenced by our environment. We derive our thoughts and opinions from the various media platforms that surround us.

How often do you think an original thought? What topics do your conversations revolve around? Are you seeking out uplifting information thus guiding your thoughts into better feeling places, or are you allowing yourself to be influenced by sources that leave you feeling down or drained?

What you pay attention to influences the thoughts you have access to. A simple thought management process would be to reduce or eliminate environmental sources of negative thoughts.

Turning off the TV can be of tremendous help. At the very least, reducing the disproportionate amount of negative news you digest as well as depressing shows.

The road to a sound mind begins with the will to give your attention to things that uplift you and positively influence your thoughts. Discover the benefit of giving more airtime to things that please you and impress yourself with your ability to focus into a better mental state.

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