Websites Giving You Free Stuff

Websites Giving You Free Stuff

Daily online giveaways, gifts, and coupons

The Internet has exploded into the world’s biggest flea market, offering the some of the oddest, best, and most useful deals available, all accessible from the comfort of your own home. From bicycles to food to spa deals and getaways, everything is up for sale, much of it is incredibly cheap, and some of it is even free!

Software developers always need ways to promote their products, especially when their software might provide unprecedented services or solve problems in creative new ways. Currently, there are so many websites online offering free software, coupons, and limited-time giveaways that it can be overwhelming to begin your search.

Here’s an overview of a few websites offering free or discounted goods and software, those new and interesting items along with sought-after staples.

By now, almost everybody has used eBay or Craigslist to find unexpected deals. offers a unique approach to that model. Founded in 2003 by Deron Beal to help businesses and nonprofits recycle their waste, Freecycle eventually became an international online network of gift-givers and -receivers. To sign up, users choose their region of the world and join a group, then are free to browse a list of free used goods from others in their community.

Tip Radar has a wealth of different offers on display. Conveniently, users can decide between “Deals and Coupons”, “Freebies”, “Games”, “Giveaways and Contests”, “Open Contests”, and “Tech”. These sections are more-or-less self-explanatory:

  • Deals and Coupons” lists discounts ranging from a $2 coupon on AmazonMP3 to 70% off a DVD ripper to half-off webhosting services.
  • Freebies” offers similar products, such as PC cleaners and audio converting software,  for free.
  • Games” offers a variety of fun web games, gaming software, and beta versions of upcoming blockbusters.
  • The “Giveaways and Contests” section consolidates all of the completely free products on one page.
  • Open Contests” features reviews of software and an opportunity to submit your email address for a chance to download the software for free.
  • The “Tech” section brings together tech articles and reviews as well as some deals and giveaways. Tip Radar also offers an email subscription function to easily keep up with the latest deals and giveaways. (or GOTD) offers a simple and attractive format, with one free piece of software featured at a time and a countdown clock letting you know how much longer the giveaway will be available. A sidebar also offers free games. The design is easy-to-use and relatively-clutter free, and focusing on one giveaway allows users to focus on getting that one piece of software they really want (and that they hopefully won’t forget they’ve downloaded). GOTD also offers email subscription to avoid missing any once-in-a-lifetime software giveaways. functions rather like Tip Radar and GOTD. A sidebar allows users to explore software deals based on their different uses (i.e., “Audio”, “Business & Finance”, “Hobby, Education & Fun”). The offerings at Bitsdujour are diverse and numerous. Some deals are limited-time-only discounts, such as the 75%-off discount for Smart Diary Suite 4 Home, an interactive calendar and agenda meant to allow tracking and improvement of personal health and productivity. Bitsdujour offers, like GOTD and Tip Radar, its own email subscription service to keep track of their many deals and freebies.

If you’re about to begin a quest for free or heavily-discounted software online, these three websites are a good place to start.

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