La Ronde to Host All-night Dance Party

La Ronde to Host All-night Dance Party

Just ahead of La Ronde’s big opening weekend, last night fellow Citynet Magazine editor Tom Hartman and I got to try out the rides. Now, it seems to me that getting an exclusive invitation to La Ronde might sound good, but I kept thinking that we were like guinea pigs, testing the equipment before the crowds make their way to Montreal’s top ride destination. We made our way through the handful of special guests that filled the amusement park during the evening, trying out the rides and sampling the food.

The Big Return!

While I hadn’t been to La Ronde in years, Tom has been a faithful roller coaster fanatic, having gone many times over the last few summers. As such, I relied on his guidance through the array of fast moving, wildly spinning, sensory disrupting rides.

My favourite ride was the bumper cars. No longer relying on the metal fence style grid on the ceiling for electricity, these round motorized tires ranks among the best rides for those who are too squeamish for roller coaster madness. And La Ronde has a lot of roller coasters, including an old wooden one.

Tom returning from his second trip on the Ednor. Although he denies it, I think that smile belies what his stomach is feeling.

New Rides, Food, & Attractions

Let’s face it, getting people interested in physical activities takes work now that they compete with a digital world in one’s pocket. In their effort to keep the novelty happening, La Ronde continually unveils new rides and attractions.

This year, they are launching a spinning ride called “Tourbillon” (in case the extensive array of rotating and twisting rides wasn’t enough for you already!).

Bavarian Weekends will feature German style cuisine. The foodie event takes place September 8-16, 2018.

Don’t forget that you get an amazing view of the fireworks from the grounds of La Ronde. The L’International des Feux Loto-Québec 2018 runs from July 7 to August 8.

Adult-only All-night Dance Party!

Just in case you thought that La Ronde only caters to kids, La Ronde is getting into the rave scene. La Nuit Blanche is an all night dance party for adults taking place on September 21-22! The party will feature DJs and other live performers. The rides will be open during the event.

Scary Events

Getting onto some of the rides is scary enough but La Ronde will be running Fright Fest beginning October 6 for Halloween.

Tom acting like he owns the place. Rocket Man he isn’t, as he pretends he’s about to embark on the ride of a lifetime.

Should you go?

Yes! If you’re into rides, have a family to entertain, or even need a daytime destination for some laughs with a date, La Ronde is worth a visit. Take the metro there. It will make your visit easier.

Tom’s pro tip: Get a season pass. They throw in so many perks that it’s totally worth it.

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