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Montreal Bloggers Share Their Ultimate Mac & Cheese Dish Ingredients

Montreal Bloggers Share Their Ultimate Mac & Cheese Dish Ingredients

Montreal Mac ‘n’ Cheese Week is back! The annual competition has returned to find out which restaurant’s version of this comfort food will be the most popular among hungry “taste testers.” Mac + Cheese Week 2016 takes place from March 7-13 and actually includes some restaurants from Toronto and Quebec City in addition to the many eateries in Montreal.

The Organizers

Last year, we did a “behind-the-scenes at Mac & Cheese Week” video and asked event organizers Pascal Salzman (owner of Le Cheese restaurant and food truck) and Ben Carter about the key ingredients that go into the best mac and cheese dishes.

Montreal Influencers on the Ultimate Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This year, we asked our fellow Montreal bloggers and personalities for their take on what makes the ultimate mac ‘n’ cheese. They suggested some surprising ingredients!

In order of appearance in the video:

Recorded at Lord William Pub in Griffintown.

Participating Montreal Restaurants

A new generation of creative variations of the traditional macaroni and cheese combo is being created by restaurants around Montreal including:

  • Le Cheese
  • Les Enfants Terribles Brasserie
  • Deville Dinerbar
  • Burger Royal
  • Suite 701 Restaurant & Lounge
  • Faberge
  • Caspar Tavern
  • Robin Square
  • Weinstein & Gavino
  • Evoo Saint-Henri
  • Lord William
  • Les Torches
  • L’annexe St. Ambroise
  • Seasoned Dreams
  • Griffintown Cafe
  • Le Brasserie Saint Denis
  • Merchant Boeuf
  • Le Ballpark
  • Olive+Gourmando
  • Fortune
  • Pub Brewskey
  • La Betise
  • Pub Ludique Randolph
  • Taverne on Monkland
  • Das Bier
  • Reuben’s Deli
  • Greasy Spoon
  • Black Strap BBQ
  • Ludger
  • La Lousiane
  • Prohibition

Now, get out there and eat your fill!

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