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Radio Host & Model Claudia Verela

Radio Host & Model Claudia Verela

Claudia Verela is a latin bikini supermodel who has it all together. She’s been featured in countless promotions and even has a weekly radio show (on Chunga Radio). She’s got beauty, brains, and a sense of humor and we have the interview you want to read! Check her out!

Citynet Magazine: Where were you raised?

Claudia Verela: I was born in California but raised in Miami Florida (and now living in) Snottsdale, AZ.claudiaverela2

Were you active as a kid?

Not really. My parents were really strict. I wasn’t allowed to ever (ever) leave the house. I was chained to the house.

How did you get into modeling?

I worked at a swimwear store in Miami and the owner put forced me to be in her local commercial.

What do you do to keep your body so fit?

I work out 3-5 times per week, depending on my schedule. A combination of cardio (30-60 minutes) and weight training. I eat a lot better and healthier than I have in the past and it shows. There’s stuff out there of me that I wasn’t in the greatest shape for and I look back now and wonder: What was I thinking? What was the client thinking in hiring such a butterball? Pretty mortifying pictures.

I take this job a lot more seriously and I really take care of myself, both physically and emotionally and I realize, that as a model, it’s my job to look good and to stay in top shape. If not I’m screwed… there are thousands of other girls that are vying for the same jobs and guess what? They are younger, hotter and in way better shape so I’ve got to step it up!

What has been the best experience modeling?

The fact that I’m able to work and support myself as a model is really cool! I get to meet really nice photographers and other models. I get to travel to nice places. I also love seeing a great finished product, whether it’s a poster, a magazine, a calendar or a catalog.

What has been the worst experience?

The sleazeballs out there trying to take advantage. Everyone wants something for free. Everyone wants to have something to use later on as bait to extort something or to blackmail or embarrass someone. It’s the nature of the business, I guess. Look at Miss America and how some pathetic person wants to destroy her great achievement and snuff out her shining moment. You wouldn’t believe how many shady, conniving and unscrupulous degenerates are out there lurking in the shadows!

What do you do in your downtime?

Besides spending time with my lovebug and my family and friends, I try to catch up on my emails, stalk and chase down work and my all time favorite: Chase down money that’s owed to me.

What type of movies and TV shows do you prefer?

I love a good horror movie (The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, The Hills Have Eyes, Zombie etc, Hostel.). I actually like a bit of everything. I live with my boyfriend, and luckily we both like much of the same movies and we’re pretty flexible on what we go see together. The last movie we saw was Ocean’s Thirteen.

At any given time, what clothes are you most comfortable wearing?

I’m definitely a jeans type of a girl. For outings: A nice pair of jeans, some killer stilettos or boots, a nice top or corset and a great handbag. I’m not much into jewelry (hey that doesn’t mean that I’ll turn down any diamonds coming my way though), just my nice watch and some nice earrings. At home it’s a different story: I’ve noticed that I’m quite the slob: Big T-shirts, sweats, grandma panties, self tanner. My poor, poor boyfriend!

Do women get catty around you?

I’ve been lucky that at work, I get to work with some amazing girls. In all this time, I’ve only dealt with one really mean model at a tradeshow, that we were both working, unfortunately for the same client, and I was traumatized in tears at the end of the first day.

Outside of work, women (that don’t even know me…at the gym, at the carwash, at the mall or grocery store) are not super friendly. I was brought up to smile or greet someone hello if our eyes met so I always try to smile or acknowledge but in return I usually get a blank look or a “look of death” turn me into a pillar of salt stare. Maybe it’s a competition thing. My boyfriend jokes that it’s because I have gargantuan boobies. [Editor’s note: Your boyfriend is right! Also, that comment shows you have a great sense of humor!].

What question do people ask you most?

My favorite: Are those real? Jeezus! Come on now…What do you think? And by the way is that the type of question you’d want some stranger asking your sister or family member?

What do you think is your sexiest body part?

My smile. It’s kinda wide and a bit goofy… with my big horse teeth and all but people tell me that I can light up a room when I smile.

Name anyone, alive or dead, you’d want to meet and get to know.

Both my Grandpas. They both passed away right before I was born and I never got the opportunity to love them.

Favorite upcoming projects?

MMA Magazine (August issue), Maxim Magazine (July Issue – I’m a Hometown Hottie Semi-finalist. No I didn’t make the 10 finalists but there’s a tiny picture of me in the magazine!) I’m also going to the Olympia at the end of September. Woo Hoo! It’s such a fun show and I love seeing and working with my girlies every year (We’re BSN Girls). I’m going to NASCAR in Fontana… fun times! Fun times!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Married with a Gazillion Babies, 2 cats, 3 dogs, a bunch of horsies, driving a minivan or a 4×4 and living out on a big ranch somewhere outside of Denver! YeeHaw! Other scenario could be… becoming an old maid living with a bunch of cats. Hmmm…

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