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Anchorwoman Lauren Jones

Anchorwoman Lauren Jones

For the first time in history, an interviewee is being featured for a second time. It’s been 3 years since Lauren Jones was interviewed and she’s gone on to do all kinds of promotional, controversial, and exciting work. Enjoy!

What makes you a Maxim Young Hot Hollywood babe?

Wow, what an honor! I am thrilled to be considered one of Maxim’s hot Hollywood babes, although I had no idea. It comes as a surprise because I am more low key and not big on the Hollywood scene. I am often traveling and out of town filming and shooting a variety of projects. I just love to work.

What was all the controversy about with Anchorwoman?

Anchorwoman was controversial because no one had ever gone into a real live, working news room Gorgeous Lauren Jonesand broadcast it. It shocked the nation that a stereotypical type cast with blonde hair and a curvy physique with no formal training was given a powerful position to deliver credible news to the real world. They thought it was an oxymoron. I knew the role would cause a stir when I took the job, but I was playing into a character. There was no way I was going to turn it down. It was an incredible experience that not everyone can say they have had. So, yes, I took the opportunity and it thrust me into a whirlwind. I had a blast and don’t regret it for a second. Since then, I have to admit, I have had a lot of offers come in and I now look at them extremely closely before accepting.

What’s a scripted/reality hybrid?

Scripted reality is best described as improv. Think “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, the comedic TV series. It’s a real life setting with a little “help” from writers, and a whole team of people behind the scenes motivating scenarios and in our case, conflict. “The Hills” with Lauren Conrad is scripted reality as well. There are writers, there are scripts, yes.

Why was Anchorwoman canceled so soon?

Our show was canceled for a variety of reasons. Some we will never know. The Nielsen ratings were not as high as FOX Broadcasting had hoped for, add that to all the controversy and some added friction of a changing hierarchy internally at the network and thus, the demise of the show.

What happened on the O’Reilly Factor?

A hot Lauren Jones poster.

A hot Lauren Jones poster.

I interviewed with Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor” about the controversy of Anchorwoman. He wanted to know if I was serious about journalism. He asked some pretty intense questions about topics I was unfamiliar with but I welcomed them all. I found it humorous because before the interview, we took a photo together and laughed, shook hands and talked as if we had been friends for years. Then, as the stage hands counted us down and the cameras were rolling , O’Reilly’s disposition changed dramatically and he began drilling me, catching me off guard from his initial kindred spirit. But I just went with it. I just looked him in the eye and answered all his questions. He was trying to provoke me, stir me up to make “good TV”.

It was evident through watching the interview back later that he wanted me to fold under his pressure. That just made me laugh because what the public didn’t know was that he had sent a letter privately to my publicist saying what a pleasure it was having me on his show and that if I ever wanted correspondent work to call him.

What’s the deal with your line of swimwear?

I started out modeling swimwear and have come to understand true fits, flattering cuts and gorgeous fabrics. It would be a waste not to capitalize on my experiences, and with the kind of exposure to the market that I have had both in front of the camera and behind the scenes of the industry. As for details, you will just have to wait for January 15th, 2010 to check out the new site! Keep visiting and for updates!

What episode of the outstanding TV show Rescue Me were you on?

I was on one of the summer’s minisodes, a mini version of the regular shows of Rescue Me you see during the fall season for example. I played the love interest of Daniel Sunjata on the show. I cannot tell you how cool the set was. Everyone was so focused, yet the atmosphere was layed back. You could see that everyone in the cast, including the directors and Denis Leary, were all friends.

What was your role in the Baywatch Beach Body Workout Video?Lauren Jones Baywatch Workout Video

I was cast as the lead for the Baywatch Beach Body Workout and it later became, “Baywatch Beach Body Workout, with Lauren Jones”. I was cast because of my resemblance to Pamela Anderson from the Baywatch TV series. I also had a fitness endorsement with MET-Rx and had been doing some fitness videos which helped me land the role. It was filmed on Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA, a gorgeous location on the beach with the ocean in the background. Sales have been amazing! You can purchase a DVD on and also watch episodes on Exercise TV.

How did you get into the Oprah makeover feature?

Oprah Magazine editors contacted me directly and asked me if they could dye my long blonde hair for a feature. After a few phone calls, I said yes and flew to New York City for the shoot! It was awesome! Here’s a link to the beauty feature. Celebrity hair stylist Rick Wellman colored my hair in his salon and it came out so rich in color. Everyone was raving about it! It was fun! Soon after, not a week later, Sylvester Stallone came calling. He had me come down to New Orleans and cast me to play Mickey Rourke’s love interest in his new film, “The Expendables”. Some credit the “new”do” to the film project. But, I have to be true to myself. I can play a brunette, or a red head, or a raven haired leading lady all day long, but I am a blonde!

Describe the Expendables movie production experience.

I got a last minute phone call from my agent requesting that I head straight to New Orleans. He said, “you are meeting with Sylvester Stallone, just get there”. I was excited because I had actually met him a few years back during his induction of Hulk Hogan into the WWE Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, CA, and I knew we would have something to talk about.

Did you work well with Sylvester Stallone?Lauren Jones Elegant

I met up with Sly on set for an impromptu audition and he cast me for the role within minutes. We began filming a few days later. It was an amazing experience to watch Sly work. He is incredibly hands on. He makes all the final decisions and leaves nothing up to chance. He would grab me and bring me to the monitor to show me how I looked on film and where I was in regards to my position for the shot. He would point to the monitor and say, “this is how you are now; but this is where I want you [to stand]. I don’t want Mickey [Rourke] blocking you in the shot”. I had never experienced that kind of one on one with a producer before. Of course, producers and directors direct you, but Sly literally stood by my side and showed me himself. It was personal. Sly was also focused. I saw him writing and making changes to the script in his dressing room. I saw him on set explaining scenes to everyone. He just does it all. He is incredibly smart. People don’t realize how hard he works. It’s crazy. And then there is Mickey Rourke. An incredibly interesting person to meet and work with. Unique. He has a soft, sensitive side to him when not in character. As for our scene, I play his love interest, Cheyenne. We ride into a scene together on a motorcycle and during one of our takes during filming, he accidentally put the kickstand down on my foot. It was okay, he was just focused on getting the shot right. It’s kind of funny now that I look back on it.

What’s the deal with your Radio show?

Being in the entertainment business gives you opportunities in many areas of TV, Film, and Radio, so when I’m not on set somewhere, I host an entertainment show on the radio at 1400 WJQS! Think Ryan Seacrest, but the female version.

How do you have time to do all of this and still keep your sanity?!

Great question! I have an amazing family who is incredibly supportive. I know I am lucky.

Let’s set the record straight. Were you dating Tyson Beckford?
Tyson and I are good friends. (Watch YouTube Clip of Lauren and Tyson). We have worked together on a couple of projects and we have gone out to different events together, yes, but we are just friends. The youtube video was just a reaction to the media. We had gone to an US Weekly at Opera in Hollywood. It was no big deal. We were just having fun.

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