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Adria & Natalie: The Fitness Twins

Adria & Natalie: The Fitness Twins

You aren’t seeing double! Citynet Magazine proudly presents Adria and Natalie, the hardest working twins in the fitness industry. The sisters from Alabama have a new book, video, and a fitness center… they’re taking fitness to a new level!

Update: Adria and Nathalie made it to Reality TV’s Big Brother 5! (Adria Okins)

Citynet Magazine: Where are you from?

The Fitness Twins: Birmingham, Alabama

Describe your youth. Were the boys always after you?

We were both tomboys – so the boys were after us, but mainly to play ball with. They didn’t mind stealing a few kisses though, but neither did we.

How did you get into models/pics/Fitness?

We went after it. We went the big fitness shows, trained hard for hard bodies, fixed everything up for presentation and met with some editors and photographers at the big shows. It just started from that. We continue to keep in shape, and work to be better ever year – and for modeling we feel that we have just started! We want to do a lot more, and definately would love to do a feature in MAXIM or something really sexy and hot (in such good taste) now that we are more mature and womanly.

What’s your greatest talent?

Our ability to motivate. It is definately a gift we both have, and we thrive on doing so.

Do people mistake you for one another?

Of course, all the time – either in person, the phone, and photos. Everyone sees us in a different light. To some we look just alike, or to some we look like sisters, and some claim we do not favor at all. But we are just happy and thankful to be twins ~ there are 6 kids total in our immediate family and being twins is definately a gift.

How did you learn so much about being fit?!

We were born to learn fitness and nutrition. We love it! We have over 15 years of research and studying the field of fitness and nutrition. Plus there is two of us, so we can gather twice as much information. We love it!

In a nutshell, what do you suggest for people who want to lose weight?

Pick up our book – “It Takes Two – Twin-ological Training and Nutrition , with the Fitness Twins” it will be available January 2004 on our site, and all on-line book stores. It has a little bit of us in all that we know and do . But if you can get to Birmingham you have got to come workout with us! Train with us – it is so much fun, and you won’t even know that you are “working out” or “dieting”. We teach others how to enjoy life, nutrition, and fitness at any level.

How are you two alike? Different?

Alike in endless ways! But mainly our drive and love for fitness and nutrition, and motivation. We are both big motivational speakers and team players. We love softball, gymnastics, choreography, working out, and scuba diving. Different in ways that life has made us. Our scars – different places but show some uniquenesses.

Have people recognized you on the street based on your “celebrity status”?

Yes. Everywhere. It is really funny because we have traveled a lot nationwide and we get noticed, but it feels funny to get noticed at home. For example, we were at a local Wal-mart and these two girls followed us around. We knew they were starring but we just played it off because we are always stared it. They finally came up to us, somewhere around the deodorant aisle and said are “you guys the Fitness Twins?” – and then we met and started into to our normal conversations on fitness. It was very cool. We love to meet people, so if “celebrity status” gets them talking to us, then that is fine with us.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

Are you guys twins? or Are you sisters or twins? We are like, both… 🙂 🙂

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?

Definately sleeping. If not, we should be because we can get a little grumpy in the mornings with lack of sleep.

Best experience in your job?

Helping someone feel better, uplift their spirit, and accomplish their goals.

Worst experience?

Having someone blame us for not winning a competition. They took second and was not happy that they had reached their best that given show day. We felt we had taught them confidence and instead they took a judge’s placing out on us. That was not kind and felt bad. We thought she did amazing, but her sportsmanship stunk.

Pet peeves?

Run through First Base (the old softball peeve). But this relates to everyone’s life. Don’t quit something – run through first base. Favorite month? December of course because it is Jesus’ birthday and then June – It is our birthday.

Thong or regular undies?

Each has their own place, literally and figuratively. Panties definitely on workout/training days. But Thongs on nights out, tight pants, appearances and shoots. Basically thongs go were the no panty line rule applies. That is a must for any serious fitness enthusiast.

Have you ever dated twin guys?

Not at the same time. Natalie dated a guy who was a twin, and Adria dated a guy who’s mother was a twin. That is as close as we got to actual twins.

More dominant or submissive in bed?

Mutual – it goes either way, as long as it is going on.

Favorite place on the planet?

Natalie: Wrapped up anywhere in my husband’s, Breck, arms. Adria: Birmingham, AL – it is home to me. Everyone I love is there especially my husband, Lenny.

Ideal man?

Fit, strong, funny, non-smoking, loves outdoors, puts us first, respects our closeness, respects our crazy family, a good listener, and enjoys a night out, or a night in. * Basically this describes each of our husbands, but any woman would appreciate fine qualities like these.

Favorite Upcoming projects?

Our first Book: “It Takes Two – Twin-ological Training and Nutrition with the Fitness Twins”, January 2004; Our brand new elite training, nutrition, sport-conditioning, and fitness facility opens December 2003, and our Fitness Video coming this Spring 2004.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Continuing our education in Health and Wellness, educating others, mothers, expanding into a larger more complex Fitness Twins Fitness & Spa atmosphere center, and definately have more productions under our belts, with more books and videos.

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