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Toronto Model Ashley Byford

Toronto Model Ashley Byford

Model Ashley Byford is the Tag Antiperspirant spokesbabe you’ve been seeing all over the place! Find out about her roots, her perfect night out, her self-proclaimed sexiest body part, and more in this exclusive interview!

Tell us about your younger years.

I grew up on a sheep farm in Prince Edward County about two hours east of Toronto. I moved to the city 6 years ago to pursue modeling and have been blessed with such great opportunities in meeting new people and traveling to different parts of the world. I was a rambunctious little ragamuffin lol. I grew up with two older brothers on a farm and was always getting into a mess. We rode ATV’s all the time but they were 3-wheelers back then and sooo touchy, we flipped them all the time haha. We used to go play hide and seek in the barn loft with all the huge round bails of hay and it was incredibly dangerous because if those bails had shifted we would have been crushed and suffocated! My dad was furious, but we didn’t know we were just having fun!ashley-1

How did the boys react to you in high school?

The boys I will say loved me, and the girls hated me!! I got suspended three times from two different schools for fighting those brats! But hey, life on the farm with two boys taught me to be tough and teach lessons.

How did you get into modeling?

It was actually for a school project back in 7th grade. We had to send a letter away for a creative writing assignment and I thought modeling was interesting.

What was your first “big break?”

My first big break was for Powder Room Swimwear. We traveled to Cuba and I got the booking through my agency B&M at the time. I had a great experience and thank Paul McGrath for recognizing my potential.

What is it about bikini modeling that excites you?

The travel opportunities!! Everyone is always looking for a great hot spot to shoot beautiful women in bikinis. I love the beach, the ocean and hot weather ; )

Tell us about the TAG experience.

TAG was a contest for two lucky guy’s to join our crew, be the photographers assistant and watch behind the scenes down in the Dominican while we shot the calendar. The campaign was shot by amazing photographer Paul Buceta. I had such a great time there and made some life lasting friendships for sure.

Best experience?

My best experience is hard to say because I have had many great times, but the TAG booking is right there high on the list for sure.

Worst experience?

I haven’t really had a horrible experience yet… but I have experienced many terrible make up artists lol.

Favourite alcoholic beverage?

I love white wine : ) I used to drink Jack Daniels-on the rocks (willy quivers) but hard alcohol is so bad for you and I just didn’t want to put that through my body any longer. Wine is relaxing, goes with most anything, and always keeps a smile on my face.

Favourite place on the planet?

Hmmm, I had a wonderful time in the Bahamas. But that’s another toughie to narrow down. I also have so many other places to experience that I think I will hold tight on that question and maybe in a couple years you can re-ask ; )

What do you do in your downtime?

I love house music and working out. If I have my tunes it powers me like a machine lol. I love food and trying different dishes. Never been fussy. I have been riding horses my entire life and love to saddle up and go for a ride. And then sometimes I like to just relax and be alone, flip through a magazine, or just ponder about my life and what I want to aim for next.

How do you stay fit?

I will firstly start off and say that I have a high metabolism which allows me to eat most anything at anytime whenever I like. But I love how going to the gym gets my body tight and firm… and no diet alone is going to give you that. While in the gym I do about 30 minutes of cardio and a 15 minute cooldown then 15 minutes of weights and a final stretch. I also go rollerblading during the warm months.

Describe your perfect night out.

From the ages of 20-22 I partied a lot in the underground scene, there’s that house music again lol. I’m weak for electronic music. I don’t really go out that often anymore as I am bored of the crowd, and the same-same experience. But I like to make an appearance for a friends birthday or special event.

Do you have a story about how you got away with something?

Oh man, this is an oldie… When I was 8 my parents went away for a weekend getaway and I had my best friend over. Down in our basement my parents had a full bar and my brother who was 13 at the time thought it would be hilarious to give us shots of select liquor. Well, about 6 shots later my friend was so drunk she started parading around the house like she was she-hulk and lifting chairs and throwing them around. She ended up breaking the legs off of three chairs. Then my brother realized this wasn’t so funny anymore, lol. I on the other hand got VERY sick and spent the next two days barfing out my insides. My friend had already went back to her house, and when my parents came back and saw that I was sick and all these broken chairs they didn’t know what to think! So my crafty brother who LOVED wrestling back then said that he and my other brother were wrestling like the big-timers and accidently wrecked the chairs haha. And well, I was just sick. Just had the “flu.” They bought it and lectured my brothers about how wrestling was not allowed in the house. It wasn’t until years later that we actually told them what really happened, lol. And my parents are pretty cool, but back then we would have been murdered!

What do you think is your sexiest body part?

I love my butt. I work hard to keep it lifted and toned. And always get compliments about it, which shows me my hard work is paying off.

Has anyone ever run up to you in the street and brought you flowers?

No flowers. But I always get the guy who comes up to me and asks for directions… Seriously do you really think I believe you’re coming up to me asking for directions??

Name anyone you would love to get to know.

Don’t laugh or poke fun, but I am obsessed with Pamela Anderson. Her boobs… not so much lol. But her face! What a gorgeous woman. I could stare at her forever. But you know it would be nice to just talk, and listen to her journey in her own words.

Favourite upcoming projects?

I am starting a new job working with Paul Buceta, and have been so excited about being part of his team. He has the most incredible sense of warmth and compassion. A funny guy who really cares about his work and those who share it with him. He’s just an all around great person.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I try not to think too far into the future about where I should be, rather just take my life day by day and enjoy the experiences as they come. I know that I would love to continue modeling and see just where it will take me, but I also have a passion for horses and wouldn’t be surprised if I one day have my own equestrian stable teaching the young and old the joy of equine.

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