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NFL Cheerleader Nikki Giavasis

NFL Cheerleader Nikki Giavasis

Nikki Giavasis is an incredibly sexy all-around babe who talks about her NFL cheerleading days, modeling, and other experiences.

Citynet Magazine: Where are you located?

Nikki Georgette Giavasis: Los Angeles, CA.

How did you get into models/pics/acting/cheerleading?

I got the bug for modeling and acting when I was in middle school. Actually since I was born because I’ve always loved performing. I did my first photo shoot when I was in middle school and my first little acting job as an extra. Since then I was hooked. I started cheerleading when I was in the 7th grade. It came natural to me because I did gymnastics and ballet since I was two.

What was your childhood/adolescence like?

My childhood/adolescence was pretty interesting. I matured pretty quick because I looked like I was 16 or 17 when I was 12. This definitely caused a bit of commotion in middle school. I was a cheerleader in middle school as well as track, choir, student council, etc. Needless to say, I got a lot of attention. Some good, some bad. Girls don’t usually like it when there’s one girl who is getting attention from the majority of the guys. I do remember that I was voted to have the best butt in our school when I was in 5th grade. (the school went up through 8th grade). Things were pretty much the same in high school and college. There was another funny time when I was very young. I went to a concert and for some reason they decided to put the spotlight throughout the crowd which was packed. I think it was at the Gund arena or something similar. They were having a contest to find the best girl there. I won that too. Those are 2 funny things which pretty much describe how my life is and has been. I’m always sort of crazy in respect to getting attention from the opposite sex.

Have people recognized you on the street based on your ‘celebrity status’?

Yes. The funniest time was when I was at the airport. We were outside on a small plane. All of the guys on the ground crew stopped working and went and sat together and started yelling and screaming to me. That was crazy but sweet. I hope they didn’t get into any trouble. lol.

What is it like be worshipped by so many fans?

I don’t know if I’m being worshipped but I can admit that I love attention!

Best experience?

The best experience in my job has been when I had a photo shoot with three other models. We all got along awesome. We went out afterwards and everyone was really fun. The location was beautiful, the girls were sweet, fun, and beautiful, and it was a great time.

Worst experience?

The worst experience in my job was doing a photo shoot til about two in the morning then having no sleep for a competition the next morning which lasted until the next night.

Favorite websites?

Alyssa Milano, Brian X, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Margolis, MTV, Bobbi Billard, I have too many to list!!

Choose 3 adjectives to describe the experience of being an NFL cheerleader.

Interesting, tiring, dramatic. The girls were super competitive. Everyone was on a diet and on a weight list. If they were horny they sure didn’t talk about it that much. I was still in high school & the youngest girl on the squad. We had to learn the routines plus the plays and calls. We also had rules for when we were out in public. We practiced for hours each day in addition to working and/or going to school. And we barely got paid! It was an interesting experience though. I’ve actually considered trying out to be a Laker girl. We’ll see what happens.

Greatest talent?

I think my greatest talent is my ability to make other people happy. I’m very sensitive and intuitive so I know how to read people and I really love people and the feeling that comes with bringing happiness to others.

Secret pleasures?

I love to get quiet time to relax in a bubble bath with candles. I also love to lay on the beach, get massages, spend a day getting pampered, dancing, shopping, traveling, just sitting and
watching tv if I can get the time!

Thong vs. regular undies?

Always thongs, never regular. They’re more comfortable and they just look better!

More dominant or submissive in bed?

I’d have to say I’m pretty diverse. I’m not more one way than the other.

Ever hooked up with anyone on the job (photographer/football player/other models)?

I have never hooked up with anyone on the job. It has definetly been offered though!

Did the NFL cheerleaders hang out/hook up with the football players?

It was against the rules but some of them did it anyway. I think that’s why a few actually want to cheer in the first place.

Favorite upcoming projects?

I’m scheduled to do many more photo shoots so look for me in Stuff, Maxim, FHM, fitness magazines, MTV, ESPN for some fitness competitions. Also, I will have a calendar, workout videos, trading cards, t shirts, and posters coming out. I’m also in negotiation for some television shows which I will let you know about when the deals are finalized. So basically, I’m going to be all over the place by the end of the year. They’ve even offered me some reality shows. We’ll see what happens. I’m also in the process of writing a book which will eventually spin off into either a tv show or a movie.

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?

Sitting at my laptop and eating a tuna salad.

Your ideal man? Does your ideal man hit on you a lot?

My ideal man is sweet, funny, sensitive, honest, intelligent, athletic, giving, intuitive, loyal, fun, ambitious, spontaneous, and masculine. I love a man who is strong enough to be sensitive yet also knows how to be the man. A man who can play sports all day (or watch them) but can also cook me dinner or give me a massage and a bubble bath. A man who is honest and doesn’t go after other women, or men. lol. And my ideal man does NOT hit on me a lot.

Describe your experiences at MTV (at least some of your best/worst experiences in the shows Direct Effect, TRL, Carmen Electra’s Hypermix) and VH1.

MTV was fun. The people that go to the shows have so much energy. Carmen is definetly a pretty girl. A funny experience was during her show. The girl with the long hair from the first Temptation Island came up and started dancing behind me. I never did get to see the video of that. I met a lot of people. There was a certain hair band guy that was at a VH1 filming who was rather crude but it’s all harmless. I would do MTV again. I was down in Miami last week during MTV Spring Break.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I have been through a lot in my life. Way more than what’s on my biography. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and you learn from everything. I’ve been through a lot of stuff that could’ve have made me give up but I’m more determined to succeed now than ever. Also, most people might be surprised to know that I have a Marketing degree and was on the Dean’s List, National Dean’s List, and in Who’s Who in America’s Colleges & Universities for academic achievements. I graduated from college in 4 years with honors while I was raising two kids.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Especially at this time – peace, no more wars or terrorism! Also, no more hunger, homelessness, violence, pollution. For me – a brand new mansion on the beach.

Pet peeves?

My pet peeves are dishonesty, cheating, being dull or boring, long or dirty fingernails, jealousy, arrogance, show-offs, fake people.

You are being photographed. Having sex with multiple partners simultaneously. You’re sky-diving. Choose one. Why?

Being photographed. I love it. It gives me a rush then I just want to keep going. I don’t want it to end. It almost sounds sexual doesn’t it?

Of your Mercedez-Benz S500, SUVs, Cadillac Escalade & Range Rover – which is your favorite and why? (Were these given to you?!)

My favorite car is the S500 for me to drive but for me with the kids it’s the Escalade. I’ve never had a car given to me. That would be lovely! I have to buy them myself. boo hoo. poor me. just kiddin.

How did you meet your last significant other?

I’m not married but I have had a relationship which has been mostly on for a while. We met while he was walking down the street. Basically I kidnapped him and kept him ever since. He wasn’t complaining too much though.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

Are my feet tired from running through their mind all day and what nationality am I.

Ok, so what nationality are you?

Greek, Cherokee Indian, and Caucasian.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself like J Lo. – acting, modeling, dancing, clothing line, real estate, financial investments, tons of work with the environment and charities to help sick kids as well as women and kids who are victims of violence. I don’t plan on slowing down at all. I want to make my mark and help as many people as I can for as long as I can!

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