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Goth Singer Lady Angellyca

Goth Singer Lady Angellyca

Citynet Magazine proudly presents Lady Angellyca, an incredibly talented woman who is as creative at art and singing as she is beautiful and sexy. She is from Spain and English is her second language. The interview was edited very slightly just to make it easier to follow as you read. The content is untouched. Enjoy!

Where are you from?

I live in Valencia, Spain but I’d like move to North Europe.

A sample of beautiful artwork that Lady Angellyca creates (This one is called Fallen Angel).

Describe your youth.

I have always been into metal music. When I was a child my cousin listen heavy, rock (Ozzy, Alice Cooper,..),…and I remember that they taught songs. My face, hair is a bit “special” and I remember that people called me Morthycia or Wednesday [from the Addams’ Family] when I was at high School. The best was that these characters were my favourites 😛 They weren’t afraid of me because I’m a person that has the human touch and I had a lot of friends then everybody knew me and I think they didn’t care about my look.

How did you get into creating artwork?

I studied Art at university. I have been an art teacher and I have had people from university, high school. But people think that the art is something that everybody who reads a photoshop tutorial is a great artist, however, their best compositions are shit when a professional sees them, because we don’t know anything about composition, colour, and others things. I can tell that I work free. I work more that I can win. When I work like a model win more. But I will always say: first I’m an artist then a model.

What is it about horror, erotica, medieval and dark fantasy art that make you so passionate about it?

I love the Romanticism and they love all that things. I love the legends that wrote Gustavo Adolfo Becker, and their are the inspiration for my character, songs, and of course, as a model I love performing them.

Your website is great yet has a spooky feel to it. Did you design it yourself?

Thanks. Yes, I designed everything. I studied throughout 5 years at art university.

How did you get into modeling?

I have always been into modeling. My uncle was a great dressmaker. When I was four years old I was posing. But I have never thought of this as a job.

Your singing involves mixing opera and normal voice, a truly unique combination! How did you discover that you had such a talent?

I started to play the guitar when I was 3 years old and when I was 14 years old I recorded a demo. I sang on the demo. I wanted to sing but I must learn guitar too to make my own music. When I was 18 years old I bought my first electric bass guitar and I thought that the strings weren’t enough for me. I was not happy. And I decided to leave guitar and bass. One day I broke my guitar and sold my bass. And then the voice was my instrument. Now I go on singing and I love it. I think that guitar was my impossible lover, but I was very lucky because I found my true love (the voice), because there are a lot people that never find it.

What’s your greatest talent?

I’m never satisfied with anything. I always think that all can be better. I think that this is my talent that I look for the maximum perfection in all my work.

Favorite place on the planet?

Germany, I love that country. I dream about going again some day. I love North Europe too.

What is the most angry you have ever been?

Umm I usually am happy and I have good relationships with everybody. I try to solve all problems with people. I don’t remember any [times in particular], perhaps when I was a child when my sister stole my toys 😛

Pet peeves?

No I don’t have any.

Thong versus regular undies, and why?

I love sexy black or dark red underwear. I wear over-knee socks. I like feeling sexy and I don’t know the reason, but I love this sort of clothes.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

Are you sure that you want to know that?!!… Well people usually ask me: Do you have pot? And I always tell them: No, I don’t smoke. When people see a person that wear black clothes think that you must be a drug-taker or something.

What do you want the world to know about you?

Umm, that I exist, only this.

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

An artist or model or singer is a business person. You must sell everybody your work, your image, your music, your words…everything. And you always have great risks.

What scares you?

Anything. If you don’t dare to do anything you will never have, so one must take a risk. The worst that can happen is that you die.

What’s the deal with Halloween in Spain/Europe?

Halloween doesn’t exist in Spain. It’s something that come from EEUU. Here there is this day a thing called el dia de los difuntos. And if October 30th at night you find the Santa Compaña (this is a procession of souls) you will die very soon. Then people this day didn’t go out to not find that souls. On November 1st, everybody goes to visit the graveyards.

Are you into witchcraft?

I played with tarot, but that I don’t consider that witchcraft.

Do you always dress in dark/gothic clothes?

Yes, I’m an artist if I don’t dress this way, the owner of art galleries don’t want me.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

I can’t lie I desire all money of the world, then people can’t fight for anything.

Ever been to Canada or the US?

Never . It’s a pity, because I’d like to go.

Any secret pleasures?

Yes, chocolate.

Would you describe yourself as more dominant or submissive in bed?

The bed is for sleep. If you would tell me the beach, an elevator, …or another different place…

Favorite upcoming projects?

A lot, my mind is always thinking of new things. But my band, Forever Slave, will be recording our new CD this month and I guess that it will be released this year.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a house, with children and my husband.

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