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Motorcycle Racer Kimberley St. Pierre

Motorcycle Racer Kimberley St. Pierre

Motorcycle racer Kim St. Pierre (pronounced “Saint” Pierre) is an adrenalin junkie who has been racing for years. She gives us some great insight into the racer personality and street racing alternatives. She’s also Canadian so you just know she rocks! 

Citynet Magazine: Where are you from/live now?

Kim St. Pierre: Still living in Vancouver baby!!!!!!!!! Love it!kimberley-stpierre-2

Let’s start with your younger years.

I was born in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) and grew up on a farm just outside of Edmonton until I was about 13 and then moved into the “big city.” As a child I spent a lot of time outdoors doing the usual “farm kid” stuff, building forts, exploring the woods for hours, getting into trouble on the neighbors’ property and generally just having a good time. This was back in the day when Mom and Dad would say “be in before dark” (or when we got hungry) and not worry about us. My family used to race horses competitively in a sporting event known as Gymcana throughout Alberta. We were also fortunate enough to have a motorcycle and a snowmobile – can you say TOM BOY? This was the start of the “wipe outs” for me, they only continued when I got older and into more dangerous sports.

How did you get into motorcycling? …and racing?

I had a little Suzuki dirt bike when I was young growing up on the farm and the passion for motorcycles never left. I rode a sport bike on the street for 3 years and ended up crashing it and writing it off (don’t worry, no injuries). This is what lead me to racing. Crazy right? Well not really, I knew I had a passion for speed and fast toys and I realized if I wanted to increase my chances of survival I should get the proper training and take my “racing” into a safer environment than on the street.

What kind of bikes do you love to ride most?

Sport bikes, especially Suzuki GSX-R’s baby!!! Supa slick and amazing race bikes.

What would be your dream bike?

Just for cruising around… Ducati 749 – sexaaay!!!

Your long list of sponsors is very impressive. What else do you do to promote racing?

I volunteered as the Promotions and Public Relations Director for the locally sanctioned racing club, Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club, here in BC (British Columbia). We tried to educate the motorcycle riding public that they have “options” if they want to ride fast and push their limits. We gave up our time to talk to students at schools about the dangers of street riding, not to deter them, but to inform them that there is an outlet to “rip it up” so to speak.

What advice would you give women who want to race?

GO FOR IT!!!! All you need is a race bike, racer training at a race school, proper protective gear and some guts!!! A lot more women are getting into it, and guess what guys… they are gonna spank your a$$es!

Is there a racing personality type?

Yes, if you are crazy it helps. Kidding! It takes all types, but you definitely have your adrenalin freaks that make the best racers. It’s like feeding a need or a craving, that feeling that you get on the started grid before the “flag is dropped” is absolutely amazing – sooooooooooo much energy.

Best racing experience?

Beating the boys!!! Well, and making some really amazing friends through the riding and racing community.

Worst experience?

Crashing in Spokane at the end of the front straight, doing about 140 km / hour almost breaking my neck. Definitely scared the hell out of me.

Have you been recognized as a racer in public?

Yes, but it’s not as glamorous as one might think. It’s mostly the kids that like local club racing that notice you. Unless you are at a motorcycle event signing posters, people don’t often come up to you and say anything. However, I have heard someone standing behind me saying “I think that is Kimberley St. Pierre” … ha ha! I just giggled and turned around and said hello.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

How did you get into racing and what’s it like. My answer: the crash story and it’s un-freaken-believable.

What 3 words best describe you?

Energetic, Ambitious and Outgoing.

Pet Peeves?

People with a negative outlook on life. You live once, you have to play the cards you were dealt, get over it and live it baby!!!!

Name anyone, alive or dead, who you would love to hang out with.

Pauly Shore – I love him!!! He cracks me up in his movies and I LOVE to LAUGH. I think we could hang out and laugh 90% of the time. Oh yah, it might help that I am a total clown most of the time.

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

Moving away from my entire family in Edmonton to the even “bigger city” of Vancouver, BC all on my own to pursue my career and “live life.” By the way, my career isn’t actually (full-time) racing, that is just a hobby. I work in IT as a Corporate Account Manager and absolutely love it!!!

Any upcoming personal projects?

Finding a new (currently unknown) hobby and succeeding in it, like I do with almost everything else in life. Perhaps mountain biking? White water kayaking? Ya just never know.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Married to some rich guy. Kidding! I don’t believe in marriage and I have my own money. I really don’t know. I stopped making “long term” goals about 10 years ago. I get bored with a lot of things in my life every two years and switch it up. So I don’t even know where I see myself in 2 years.

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