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Actress Heather Chase

Actress Heather Chase

The November 2006 spotlight is on femme fatale Heather Chase! She was the best reason to watch the TV show Task Force and has since gone on to do a bunch of modeling and acting gigs, including FHM magazine, and a number of sci-fi and horror flicks. Just like fellow sci-fi convention babe Orli Shoshan of Star Wars fame, Heather loves her fans. 

Citynet Magazine: What was young Heather Chase like?

Heather Chase: I was an active little girl. Girl Scouts, theatre, dance and roller-skating all around my neighborhood. There are many scrapes and bruises I received on Round hill road in Greenwich. I was a complete tomboy with a John Travolta and Michael Jackson obsession. I was 8 years old when I got the Grease Album and Thriller Album. I played them day and night. I must have driven my mother nuts.

Favorite part of acting?

Driving onto a lot. Walking onto a set. The diversity. The final product is nice but the creation process is my favorite part. The different types of people you meet, places you go, things you learn – are all experiences that I will cherish for life.heather-portrait

What has been the best experience?

Walking onto the set of Days of Our Lives was the best for me in 2003. I was a huge fan of that show, until aliens and possessions took over the storyline. I have not watched it since. It got very discombobulated. To walk onto that set was a dream of mine. It’s my little secret and I don’t tell many people. But I have heard that a new writer (Thank you!) has taken over the show and is bringing all the best story lines back into play. Now I might be interested in working on it again. With all of those amazing actors coming back, it would be awesome.

What has been the worst experience in the acting industry?

A couple of psycho people who just refuse to leave me alone and continue to harass me in a variety of ways. You think they would stop after several years, and get bored after I don’t respond back.

What’s the deal with SkyBark?

It’s a charity event planner that is just awesome. New Leash on Life is the other charity that’s on my top list. I know a sweet girl and fellow horror movie starlet named Laura Nativo. We met on a photo shoot for Femme Fatale. When we both discovered we were nuts about our dogs, she told me about these events. I love them! [Editor’s note: SkyBark is a big social party night where people bring their dogs].

What’s the deal with all the horror and sci-fi?

When I first came to Hollywood, in 2002 I was hired for a specific project. I kind of accidentally slipped into the Horror movie thing while waiting for that project to launch. After being cast as the lead in my first horror movie film, I caught the bug.

What are the conventions like?

Unlike any other conventions I have done. It’s crazy sometimes, when people at these events come up to me. It’s like they know everything about me and I have only just met them. I thought I had a large fan base with Taskforce, but that pales in comparison with the fanbase of these horror films. They start to follow your career and keep in touch with emails and gifts. Imagine a mix between a Star Trek convention and a comic-con. The fans are incredible. I love them. I love doing the signings and taking photos with them.

Have you been recognized in public?

Every week I go to a little place that is frequented by Asian men and women. It’s the most awesome place and I go there weekly with a friend to watch the world spin by. Walking by a large table with about 9 Asian business men and women eating dinner. There was one man who made eye contact with me as I walked by, and then I noticed he whispered and giggled to one of the other ladies at the table. When I came out of the restroom, that same man waited until I got closer, staring at me. At first it made me feel very uncomfortable but then he approached me giggling. He asked “You a movie star.” I said “No, I’m not sorry” he said it again “Yes, you are a movie star, I know it!” I replied, “No, I’m not. Not by any means”. He got a frustrated look on his face and said, “No, I know you are, you have a TV show. You shoot a gun!” I immediately knew he nailed me. People at his table were smiling big at me. I then said “Taskforce?” Then the group all stood up cheering and clapping, jumping up and down excited saying “Taskforce, Taskforce, yes, Jessica Parker!” I was busted. My friend who was about 4 tables away heard all of this and came over laughing. It was awesome.

What’s life like in Beverly Hills?

Nothing like Greenwhich. [Editor’s note: Now that’s a non-answer answer!]

Has anyone ever run up to you in the street and brought you flowers?

I had a little girl bring me one of my action figures from Taskforce to sign it. I have had men and little girls bring me everything from chocolate to teddy bears at these conventions. I love it. It’s the sweetest thing in the world. I cherish them all and always write them a thank you note and with the little kids, I always keep try to in touch no matter how busy I am.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

What are you working on now? What have you done lately? In this town, I noticed real fast that you might only be as good as your last job.

What 3 words best describe you?

Unstoppable. Sweet. Geek.

What do you think is your sexiest body part?

My eyes. (and why? I have a unique eye color. My eyes are like a bullseye. Blue on the outside, Green in the middle, Gold in the center. )

Name anyone, alive or dead, who you would love to meet.

I would have a large dinner at my house. Around this table I would love to see, Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Claude Schnell (Dio), Dane Cook, Carol Burnett and Goldie Hawn. I have a feeling Mick Mars is such an interesting man and I believe he was the machine and motivation behind Motley’s success. I’d love to pick his brain. Claude Schnell, I absolutely adore and he’s fun to be around. He’s extremely intelligent and has impeccable wit. I love his rock stories. Dane Cook: I have had an incurable crush on Dane since I first met him about 2 years ago. He’s absolutely adorable and gets better looking with age. I have followed his career with a passion. He’s just adorable. Carol Burnett seems like a riot. When I was little, her’s was one of my favorite shows. Goldie Hawn is my idol. She’s a classy lady with a lot of sexiness. She’s an amazing actress and I love her work.

What do you want the world to know about you?

That there is more to me than Sci-Fi and Horror Films.

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

Saying yes to a rocker when he asked me out on a date. I warned him that I was not easy. I warned him that it takes me a very long time to become intimate with someone. He waited patiently. Now I’m all his.

Favorite upcoming projects?

I have a few movie projects I’m producing again, as well as performing in a few other things right now. I also just launched my own Mobile Spa-party Business. I’m an Aesthetician and a Certified Massage Therapist, going on 8 years now. It’s something I do not only for fun, but I love the pampering and the relaxation I can give to my clients.

I just finished working on a video for Jetliner. How awesome are these guys? They are the best band in Los Angeles right now and they are going to become huge. They are going to be everywhere. Brian May from Queen, said they were amazing on his website, so I checked it out. It’s true, I have heard them out here in LA on Indie 103.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 2011… let’s see. I think TV shows will be all driven towards the Internet as well as movies. I will be involved in creating a few more productions this year and we are putting them on the net. I will be married then and that would be the year I would adopt if I desired to have children. Bowie (My Yorkie) will be 8 by then. He’s all the child I need for now.

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