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Don’t Stay at an All-inclusive Vacation Resort without These

Don’t Stay at an All-inclusive Vacation Resort without These

You’re excited, aren’t you? Chances are, you’ve just booked a vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Feeling pumped? I hope so. It’s always fun to have something fun planned for the future, and there’s not much that beats a 7-day stay at a tropical resort. Maybe a 14-day stay, but that would be greedy.

If you’ve been working on your list of necessities, you’ve probably been surprised by all you have to bring. Your list undoubtedly includes a ton of swimwear, casual and fancy dress clothes, sun tan lotion, bug spray and more. Planning for contingencies is worth it, if you’ve got the luggage space and the will to lug it around.

Here, you will be reminded of the easy to forget items that are sure to make your holiday. You may be reminded of items you’ve forgotten, or you may be hearing of these items for the first time. In either case, I encourage you to find space for these items. The luxury they afford far outweighs…well,their weight.

Waterproof Watch

Doesn’t seem that important, but this item is a time-saver. Surprisingly, you’ll have to keep track of the time on vacation.

Whether you’ve got a reservation at one of the a-la-carte restaurants, keeping track of your snorkeling excursion, catching the last bus back to your resort or coordinating with family and friends, you’ll find that a waterproof watch will eliminate the need for you to walk back to your spot on the beach to check the time.

Backup Sunglasses

The only thing worse than forgetting your shades at home is breaking the only pair you brought. The lights are much brighter there. Do yourself a favor and bring a back pair of shades or you’ll be squinting for your whole vacation.

Backup Waterproof Camera

I know you spend good money on your waterproof camera. You want to get good shots of those colorful fishes. The problem with waterproof cameras is that they suck. Every waterproof camera I’ve tried has failed in some major or minor way. Bring a backup, even if it’s one of those cheap disposable cameras.

Power Plug Adapter

If you’re bringing any electronics with you on your trip, don’t forget to get regional power adapters. Your laptop, shaver, camera or tablet may be completely useless after day 1, if you don’t take charge of this important point.


While you’re busy stuffing your face or drinking yourself into a coma, your stomach might be treating you with some surprises of its own! Bring Antacids to relieve heartburn or Bepto Bismol or Imodium to fight the runs. You can get these at your local pharmacy.

Your Reader (Kindle, Kobo, iPad, etc)

All inclusive are often tucked away in remote areas with a handful of activities to do beyond sitting at the beach. Relax with a good digital book. Just don’t forget it at home!

An Open Mind

When you travel, things aren’t like they are at home. If you prefer the comforts of home, stay there! Keep an open mind when visiting other countries (without looking down on them) and just go with it (within reason, of course)!

Anything The Resort Does Not Provide (for Free)

Do your research before you go on vacation. Find out what types of amenities and activities the all-inclusive resort offers. Bring what you need and leave anything else behind. For example, if they offer snorkeling but you have to pay to rent it, bring your own snorkel. That’s a no-brainer.

And there you have it! This list will complete your packing list and add more fun to your well-deserved vacation. Here’s hoping it’s everything you want it to be. Hola!

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