Open Garden: A Free Internet Connection That Beats Tethering

Open Garden: A Free Internet Connection That Beats Tethering

It should be quite obvious to even the most casual consumer that the world is becoming increasingly connected. In fact, there is little doubt that the internet will become as ubiquitous as water. What if your ability to connect to the web was as simple as turning on a tap?

Think about it. There are water sources everywhere. Water fountains, water in every home. You can get free water at most restaurant if you ask politely. There’s the water that falls from the sky that we call rain, but let’s stick to the faucet you get from the tap.

Imagine booting your laptop and never losing your connection. No more hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops, those days may well be over. That Wi-Fi only iPad? You can take it out of the house now. Tethering? You don’t need no stinkin’ tethering. You can keep your money because you now live in a “mesh” web.

What if you could get internet everywhere by creating a web of connections using smartphones, laptops and tablets? Micha Benoliel, Internet architect Stanislav Shalunov and developer Greg Hazel had the same question. Open Garden Mesh app is there answer.

In February of 2012, Open Garden entered private beta. May 2012, Open Garden was officially launched at Techcrunch Disrupt NYC, this past week. The app is free and available for Android, Windows with iOS soon to come.

Install the app on all your devices and they will seamlessly connect you to the internet. If a connection or coverage is lost on one device, Open Garden Mesh app will automatically find an alternate connection by locating other another connection using the app. As long as you’re within 20 meters of an Open Garden-ed device, your connection continues without interruption.

Open Garden is a wild idea. By linking multiple Internet connection points, it is possible to create a real web of interconnectivity. Opt-in by downloading and installing the free app on all your devices. Can you stand not always being connected to the internet? Can you not?

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