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Original Dating Anniversary Gifts

Original Dating Anniversary Gifts
Rick Adams

Dating can be a lot of fun. Then again, giving the wrong dating anniversary gift can quickly put an end to any relationship. If you have a dating anniversary approaching, don’t fall prey to some of the world’s worst gifts (teddy bears, bad bouquets, tacky love items). Instead, put some imagination and creativity into the gift that you are about to give.

Something Handmade

Skip this idea if you have two left thumbs and don’t know your way around a kitchen. But, if you have any inkling of creativity, note that a handmade gift is always a cherished gift. These gifts should be reserved for relationships that are more than four months old. Anything from a batch of chocolate-y cookies to a handmade candle will do the trick.

Soothing Spa Day

Spa gift certificates work best if there are bathing suits and massages involved. Try to find a Nordic spa near you that offers gift certificates. These spas require skimpy clothing, dark lighting, warm and cold baths, and soothing couples massages with lots of hot oil.


The world is full of great tickets. Buy tickets to an art show, ballet, theater production, rock concert – the sky is truly the limit here. Just make sure the event you choose is something that your love will appreciate. As tempting as it might be to buy tickets to a show that your favorite band is putting on, try and concentrate on your mate’s interests instead.


Giving the gift of jewels can be tricky. Reserve this gift idea for someone who’ve you’ve gotten to know exceptionally well. If you see your relationship heading towards a chapel with wedding bells, purchase a timepiece that will take value. If you just want to give something that your love will appreciate, choose pearls or a subtle solitaire diamond.

A Romantic Vacation

There’s an old saying that goes: “you only truly get to know someone when you travel with that person.” If you are at the beginning of your relationship, go away together on a romantic vacation. You will find out quickly whether or not the person you know at home is the same person you will encounter while you are traveling.

The Ultimate Gift

If you are sure that the person you have been dating is “the one,” why not go for it? Buy that engagement ring, ask for her father’s permission, and live happily ever after. If your girl is particularly picky, you might want to ask her to marry you…and then ask her to accompany you to the jewelry store in order to choose the ring of her dreams.

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