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DJ Laura Cavender

DJ Laura Cavender

Laura Cavender, better known as DJ LC (DJ Lil Louda) is this month’s featured talent.  Her unique combo of being a curvaceous model and DJ is makes her one envied Diva. You’ve seen her in almost 50 magazines like Muscle & Fitness Magazine, she’s DJed on Playboy Radio, not to mention she won a Playboy TV bikini contest – and that says something! She has also done a lot of TV and video appearances, including CSI, 90210, and a bunch more. You can hire her to get your next party started with her awesome DJ talents. Party on and enjoy!laura-cavender-dj

Where’s home?
I am originally from Victoria, Texas and have been living in Los Angeles, California for 3 years now it’s great!

How old were you when you realized you wanted to model?
At 5 years old I wanted to play dress up like your average little girl. My Mother suggested we could take pretend modeling pictures, she would always enhance my ideas or do anything just to make it fun for me as a child! She got a white back drop for the living room for the “photo shoot” and I was having a blast and didn’t want to stop taking pictures. Continued doing living room shoots to real shoots.

How has modeling worked out for you?
Modeling has been great for me. I have accomplished being in over 46 Magazines, appearances,  commercials, t.v. shows, advertising, calendars & the list goes on.

How did you get into DJing?
I’v always been very athletic from karate with my father growing up to gymnastics to cheerleading to fitness bodybuilding compiting, to Lfl lingerie football league team for LA threw out all of these sports I always made my own music because I would not workout without my music. Threw out the years I realized how much I enjoyed mixing music and decided it was time to put all effort into one goal one passion.

How has that worked our for you?
It really has paid off to follow my dream of Djing.

What type of music do you prefer to DJ?
I love all types of music but I have to say I really like playing House and mixing some DubStep in.laura-cavender-female-dj

Anything notable from MTV or other bigger appearances?
I have credits from MTV with the Lingerie football league. Also with UFC Razor Rob DJing for one of his signings.

What would be your dream job?
Have to honestly admit I have my dream job! Right now, I’m modeling and Djing worldwide! Just within last month and this month I’ve traveled to San Jose, California; Los Cabos, Mexico; Dubai, Canada, Germany, and again to Canada. It’s exciting I have my dream job!

Give us a fun fact about you.
I never wear matching socks.

What kind of guys are you into?
I don’t have a specific type. I haven’t found anyone interesting for a while haha!

How old were you when you first discovered that men would melt in your presence?
You’re funny! Haha!

Are you a big partier?
A big partier no…… even though it looks like it! I mean I party and have fun everytime I DJ. But I like relaxing at home also!

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