The Most Unexpected Cosplayers at Quebec Comiccon

The Most Unexpected Cosplayers at Quebec Comiccon

With over 10,000 people, Quebec Comiccon’s second year was a success. Part of that success can be attributed to the creative individuals behind the wild and unusual costumes worn with pride. Since my article on unexpected cosplayers at Fan Expo was such as success, I decided to feature a similar photo gallery, this time from Quebec City. Here are some of the most unexpected cosplayers I came across at the show.

(Note: All photos are copyright Brian Rotsztein. Please ask permission before use. It takes like two seconds to send an email!)

Pringles Man

I first met him at Montreal Comiccon and was pleasantly surprised to meet him again at Quebec Comiccon. He has an original, unexpected costume and is kind enough to hand out Pringles!


Pringles Man!

Male Misty

Misty is typically worn by female cosplayers such as Vera Baby. That’s not to say that this Pokemon character wasn’t well done… just unexpected!


Male Misty.

Comic Book Guy

One of the most popular supporting characters from the Simpsons as a cosplayer. Nice!


Comic Book Guy.

The Powerpuff Girls

These three cosplayers nailed their Powderpuff Girls costumes! Unexpected but looked great!


No one expected these three!

Mary Poppins

A cosplayer did a great job at being Mary Poppins. This cosplay was unexpected because most people attending comiccon were dressed as superheroes or villains from comic books, video games, and related sources of geekdom. Mary Poppins is a very straight laced kind of character. With that said, this was perfectly executed cosplay.


Mary Poppins.

Sona (League of Legends)

Even though I don’t play League of Legends, I hear that it’s one of the most popular video games out there. We’ve featured some great League of Legends cosplays, such as Aether Wing Kayle which you probably want to check out. The Sona costume was unexpected because of the DJ gear associated with it.


Sona from League of Legends.

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