Quebec Hilton Hotel Review

Quebec Hilton Hotel Review

I stayed at the Quebec Hilton on several occasions when I was younger as my family used to go skiing on Mont St. Anne during the holidays. This was my first time staying there in over a decade and I was glad to be back. The hotel was a lot like I remembered it but more modern in atmosphere.

This time around, I checked in for a 2 night stay for the opening weekend of the Quebec Carnival (which lasts 2 weeks).  The main floor has a modern lighting and furniture feel to it. There’s a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a lounge area but not much else.

I got a renovated room and was quite pleased with it. It was simple, clean and modern. I would have like the windows to have been washed though. It made me wonder how frequently they actually do so for a hotel this large. The Quebec City tourist guide magazine that came in the room was full of typos. (I’m getting a little nitpicky here but it’s embarrassing for a $300+ room to have a magazine with errors all over it). I posted some photos below. I didn’t post a photo of the bed because the ones I have don’t have it made, so it didn’t do it justice.

Internet Access
The hotel offers free wi-fi in the lobby area only. You can have Internet access in your room but only by plugging into the ethernet port that is on your desk.

The hotel restaurant is offers three meals per day. There’s a buffet breakfast that’s $18 (plus tax and tip) which I found to be somewhat lacking. I go on business trips where I stay in small-ish hotels that include breakfast buffets with the renage of food they offered. I suggest ordering individual items from the menu over the buffet option, or going somewhere else. The food wasn’t bad, I just felt it was overpriced for what it was.

The bathroom offered the usual soap, and other toiletries  products that people often leave at home. It was fairly spacious, clean and modern which is just about all you can ask for.

The hotel is located in a great area. It’s right across the street from the Government parliament building which is a beautiful sight if your hotel room faces it. More importantly, it’s right across from the wall that separates Old Quebec from the main city. Old Quebec is a beautiful place to visit, as are the local area museums and other tourist attractions. By staying at this hotel, you’re just a few steps away from a lot.

There’s also a lot of nightlife (bars, clubs) just a few short blocks away which you can easily walk to. That local area also includes coffee shops and restaurants.

Aside from shopping opportunities in the area, there’s a large mall about 10 minutes away (by car).

I was on a media journalist package that was paid for so I don’t know how much my room was. However, I think you should expect to pay somewhere in the range of $275-$400 per night during a weekend.

Although I liked the hotel, I do have a couple of issues (relatively minor). My media contact (who booked the event) told me that I would get a room and a parking spot. When I checked in, I was told that my confirmation included a room and parking spot but not breakfast. I took the parking option for my car ($25/day). When I checked out, I was charged $50 for the parking spot. I asked the person at the front desk and she said that she didn’t know anything about the parking spot being included but that I was supposed to get a free breakfast voucher (which I didn’t receive). This was a “there’s nothing I can do” moment which really annoyed me (because there is ALWAYS something you can do. On that alone, many people would never book a stay at this Quebec City hotel ever again. Losing a customer for $50 is moronic from a business standpoint, especially these days when people are traveling less frequently.

Also, one side note about the drapes. Whoever made them or at least designed them shouldn’t be hired again. So much sunlight came into the room that when the sun came up, the room was completely bright. If you’re a light sleeper, this probably wouldn’t work out for you. You could not close the draperies to block out the light.

Would I recommend the Quebec Hilton Hotel?
Yes. The location, room size, and overall quality of the hotel merits a stay. Many people are unsure if they should stay here or at the Chateau Frontenac. Well, the Chateau is a very famous, unique hotel that will probably cost more but is also in a great location.

A Final Note on Getting There
If you’re flying in, the airport isn’t very far. Apparently the train station isn’t far either but I did not confirm that. If you’re driving, I suggest reading my article on driving to Quebec City. On this trip, I drove into the city on Highway 20 but left on Highway 40.

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