Tips for an Easy Break-Up (Long-Term Relationships)

Tips for an Easy Break-Up (Long-Term Relationships)
Rick Adams

Putting an end to a long-term relationship is never easy. Yet, ending a relationship that isn’t right for you anymore is a positive thing. Once you have realized that you need to move on, you can begin planning your break-up strategy. Unlike short-term relationship splits, long-term break-ups should be done in a private setting.

Expect Hurt

Whether or not a break-up is mutual, you can expect the person you’re breaking up with to be hurt. You can also expect a number of different emotions to rise to the surface during your conversation. Anger, resent, frustration, pain, and blame are just some of the things that you are bound to encounter.

Be Honest

There’s nothing worse than being handed an old line. Don’t use any break-up lines that you’ve heard. Think of the real reasons why your relationship isn’t work. In this instance, honesty is always the best policy. The person who you’re talking to will appreciate your openness and you can avoid looking like a jerk by not using any false lines.

Pick an Appropriate Date

Be conscious of the date that you choose to have your break-up conversation. Bad dates to choose include important anniversaries, holidays, and days that have meaning to your current partner. Find a day that has no meaning, it not related to a holiday, and won’t impact that way that a person see’s a particular date forever.

Find Empathy

Listen to what your current partner has to say. Try not to blame her for the things that went wrong. Spend time talking about your relationship. You will find that this kind of conversation is not only mature, but it’s also a great way to figure out how your relationship went wrong. Avoid any words or thoughts that can be extremely hurtful or damaging.

End It With Grace

Maturing is something that is not easily found. On the other hand, handling a break-up with grace and tact is something that the person you are splitting up with will appreciate. It’s easy to be harsh and hurtful, but it is difficult to be thoughtful and graceful. Make sure that you play the part of an adult when you break up with someone. You will both appreciate your maturity in the long run.

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