Do Women Date Short Men?

Do Women Date Short Men?
James Knight

Missy Elliott spoke for many of us when she said ‘Boys, boys, all type of boys, Black, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese boys’, but you can also add fat, skinny, tall, short, ginger, deaf and funny handed to that list (I bloody love Alex Brooker).


Does the tall woman, short man combination work in dating?

So if you’re concerned that your weedy frame, bed-head hair, small shoe size or beer gut will be a barrier to finding ‘the one’ when using online dating, let me tell you something – we guys worry too much!

If you rely on what the media tells you then it would seem that the pressure is most decidedly on for men and women to achieve the body beautiful, but it’s really not the case for either sex.

Stop the average man in the street and ask him what he finds most attractive in a woman and 9 times out of 10 he’ll say curves. The majority of men really aren’t interested in bedding a girl who they could possibly break into a million dusty pieces. Bone thin models may look great in magazines, but in reality girls with no meat on their bones are a total turn off for a lot of guys. Yet, millions of women spend their entire life on diet and obsess about their weight!

Beckham? Bleurgh!

Well, things are no different for us guys either. We all seem to think that the fairer sex want to date someone just like Beckham, but he certainly isn’t at the top of any girls list that I know of and he doesn’t make it into the lists of any gay guys that I know either.

Why? Because women rely on a complex myriad of secrets and oh so subtle signs that tell them they find someone attractive and only a small percentage of the package we’re seeking has to do with looks.

If I were female I for one would have no interest in someone like Beckham for these reasons:

  • He has a symmetrical face and reasonable hair, but he’s dead behind the eyes. The lights are on but no one’s home.
  • He looks nice in a pair of pants and can pull off the best male smize I’ve ever seen, but as soon as he opens his mouth and Mickey Mouse’s voice comes out the whole effect is ruined.
  • He’d be in the gym, getting waxed and generally preening himself all the time, when he should clearly be making you dinner and snuggling up on the sofa with a litre of Chunky Monkey

But What About You, Short Stack?

Apart from the size of their manhood, height is the thing that us men worry about the most when heading out into the world of dating, but it really shouldn’t be. Just take a look at some of the favourite heartthrobs and you’ll quickly see that most of them are miniscule. Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Danielle Radcliffe, Mick Jagger, Robert Downey Jr., Michael J Fox and Jeremy Renner are all under 5’8” but females love them anyway, because they appear to be more interested in their magnetic personalities that whether they could wear heels on a night out with them. So if you’re lacking in the height department, make up for it with charm, humour and a winning smile and you really won’t need to worry about being too short, fat, skinny or geeky to jump into the world of online dating.